Wednesday 20 October 2021

New stories to buy - Nona, Jalan, Snorri!

 As a consequence of my hard-fought victory over Kindle Direct Publishing, I have two new offerings on Amazon!

The first is a collection called The Devil You Know.

These three stories are bundled together for arcane reasons concerning Amazon's royalties structure - they are not connected. The stories are:
The Devil You Know - A Book of the Ancestor short story that has never appeared before. It's set immediately after the end of book 1, Red Sister.
The Hero of Aral Pass - A Red Queen's War short story that sheds more light on the events in Aral Pass that made Jalan Kendeth into a hero. Primarily focused on events before book 1, Prince of Fools, but the framing story is set after the trilogy concludes. This story first appeared in the anthology Art of War.
A Thousand Years - A Red Queen's War story that concerns Snorri and Tuttugu when they were just starting out as young warriors. The events happened ~20 years before the start of book 1, Prince of Fools. This story first appeared in the anthology Unfettered III.



The second item is The Visitor, my first contribution to George RR Martin's Wild Cards universe and appeared in book 26, Knaves Over Queens.
It works well as a stand alone and I'm proud of it for several reasons, not least that it gives some fantasy representation to people like my daughter, Celyn. I wanted it to get a wider readership, and hopefully some of you will follow it into Wild Cards afterwards.
The only thing you need to know is that Wild Cards is set in our world, and an alien virus has been infecting people in rare outbreaks. It kills 90% of victims, makes ugly monsters of 9% (Jokers) and gives 1% random superpowers (Aces).
Note: I'm trying to make this story free and I'll let everyone know if/when that happens (Amazon make this difficult). For the moment it's 99 cents (£0.77).
Goodreads listing
There's a free sequel on (see Goodreads listing)



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