Sunday 12 December 2021

Prince of Thorns - 10th Anniversary Edition - UK!


Today's big news is that as of 12 noon (GMT) the Broken Binding 10th anniversary special edition of Prince of Thorns went up for pre-order!

There are two very different - but both excellent - Prince of Thorns special editions. International postage with robust packaging + tracking + insurance is sadly VERY expensive.

Broken Binding's UK edition is going to help out all those Brits who complain about the postage from the US.

These two special editions not only ship from different continents, they are at very different price points, and necessarily different beasts.

Broken Binding edition - printed in the UK
Numbered = 1000 copies, signed, hardback, sprayed edges, includes afterword and new Jorg short story (a short short story).    Cost £30 on pre-order. 

Lettered = 52 copies - as above, plus lined and dated.     Cost £50.

Copies have arrived!

Grim Oak Press edition - printed in the US:
Numbered = 750 copies, double signed (author & artist), leather-bound foiled cover, embossed & foiled dust jacket, sewn in ribbon, and internal art by original cover artist Jason Chan.      Costs $150 on pre-order.

Lettered = 52 copies, as above plus slip cased.     Cost $500 - sold out within 60 seconds.

Hopefully between these two offerings most collectors are catered to!

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