Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Title of Thorns!

It seems that Prince of Thorns may have sparked a naming trend!


Below is a “Chronology of Thorns”.

Here are the books I could find listed on Goodreads with "Of Thorns" in the title and with over 500 ratings, plus a couple of fun ones with just under that limit. There are Christianity focused “Crown of Thorns” books scattered through the decades, but I’ve listed all those with 500+ ratings.


Let me know if I’ve missed anything. But to me it looks strongly like Prince of Thorns put the “Of Thorns” … idea? Meme? Earworm? Not sure what you’d call it. But it looks to have put “Of Thorns” on the title table. Since Prince of Thorns came out, we've not had a year pass without a successful "Of Thorns" book being published. In the two centuries before it came out, we had two.


Chronology of Thorns! (500+ ratings)


The Hedge of Thorns                           – 1819 **

Cradle of Thorns                                  – 1997

Beyond the Valley of Thorns               – 2005



Prince of Thorns                                  – 2011

Queen of Thorns                                  – 2012 **

King of Thorns                                    – 2012

Emperor of Thorns                              – 2013

Princess of Thorns                              – 2014

Duke of Thorns                                   – 2014

A Court of Thorns and Roses              – 2015

A Gown of Thorns                              – 2015

Tower of Thorns                                 – 2015

Lover of Thorns and Holy Gods          – 2016

City of Thorns                                     – 2016

Jack of Thorns                                     – 2016

Garden of Thorns                                – 2017

A Harvest of Thorns                            – 2017

A Vow of Thorns                                – 2017

Queen of Thorns                                – 2018

Shadow of Thorns                             – 2018

Consort of Thorns                             – 2018

Heart of Thorns                                  – 2018

A Treason of Thorns                          – 2019

Sorcery of Thorns                              – 2019

Of Thorns and Beauty                        – 2020

A Crown of Thorns and Lies              – 2020

Crown of Thorns                               – 2021

City of Thorns                                     – 2021

Heart of Thorns                                   – 2021

Violet Made of Thorns                        – 2022

Chain of Thorns                                  – 2023


** fewer than 500 ratings

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  1. There's also Girl, Serpent, Thorn, but I thought that was a reference to Tad Williams' Memory, Sorrow & Thorn.

  2. Princess, Queen, & Duke all reek of a publisher deciding they would ride the coattails of your books, hoping to catch people unaware 😂