Sunday 14 May 2023

I did say my new book is out, didn't I?

Did I tell you?

Well it is! Everywhere (*). So please buy it, and if you like it, please throw stars at it and talk about it!

(*) Australia is weird.

Initial reactions have been great. I've signed a whole bunch.

You can get signed copies in the UK from:

And in the US from:

Also, The Signed Page are doing are selling the books with a colossal art card that's signed by me and the cover artist Tom Roberts.

I've talked about this book at length so I'll just leave you with links to 2 video reviews and 1 text review - there are lots of other ones out there and I'm very grateful for them all!

Bookborn - on youtube.

Dr Fantasy - on youtube.

Grimdark Magazine.

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