Friday 29 December 2023

The Fake Me, and how utterly crap / irresponsible Facebook is.

About 6 weeks ago people started telling me about a fake account on Facebook that was going around pretending to be me and trying to scam authors.

Here is is:

They've stolen my photo and show my books:

The account's interactions with other authors sent up immediate red flags - they were trying to sell writing services.

The account has been reported hundreds of times but nearly 2 months later it's still operating, still trying to scam people. Only today I was told by someone that the account had approached them and encourage them to use this person's marketing services:

Note - I have only the word of one facebook user concerning this connection and I am making no accusations against this person.

I have no such reservations concerning the person using my image to try to scam people though.

Facebook on the other hand, seem perfectly happy with the situation. Despite hundreds of people reporting the account, and it being a blatant example of scamming with all the evidence right out in the open ... 6 weeks later they're fine with the scammer still scamming.

That's it. Just be careful out there. I'm busy writing. I don't go contacting random people I've never spoken to.


Clearly someone else reported the account today (probably the guy who alerted me that the account had just tried to scam them):

It took the braniacs at Facebook ONE MINUTE to decide that the account using my name, my photo, and images of my books "isn't pretending to be you".... 


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