Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Red Queen's War moves overseas!

Here are the French covers for Prince of Fools and The Liar's Key. Great pictures.

It seems Jal has had a haircut between volumes!

Anyone suggesting that this is simply David Beckham on a luck dragon should prepare for a lawsuit!

Let's not forget the Latvian Prince of Fools cover!

(no that's NOT Chesney Hawkes!)

The Liar's Key comes to France with Bragelonne in November, the same month that Prince of Fools comes to Brazil with Darkside.

And in Hungary Fumax have given us:


  1. Loved the Brazilian edition, looking forward to put my hands on it!!

  2. I just wonder why they (Brazil) decided to put the series' title in BIG font, with the book's actual title in tiny font. What will happen when they release Liar's Key? Won't people think it's the same book just with a different cover?


  3. Those are great.

    Also Latvian Jal is not amused.

  4. Who is the artist who did the cover for Prince des fous?

    1. I don't know! Tell us if you find out.

    2. Found it! It's Victor Manuel Leza Moreno, he also did the covers for the French versions of The Broken Empire series, they were inspired by the original covers, though, very very similar. The originals were by Jason Chan.

    3. Found it. It is Victor Manuel Leza Moreno. He also did the covers for the French versions of the Broken Empire series. they are very similar to the originals, which were done by Jason Chan.