Wednesday 20 March 2013

My considered contribution to the 'grit' debate

Other views:
Richard Morgan (Grim, dark, and straw)
Joe Abercrombie (The value of grit)
Sam Sykes (Gritty people, gritty problems)

Me (Murder's bad, m'kay?)
Me (That book with all the rape)


  1. Nice one, mate. If ever a picture (well, diagram) was worth a thousand words.....

  2. Mark Lawrence. You kick unbelievable amounts of ass. Your work simultaneously fills me with the desire to write epic fantasy and then crushes that desire with its seeming unmatchability. Please release Emperor of Thorns early before I attack your publishers with my gang of brigands and release it myself. Thank you.

    1. the main reason Prince of Thorns sat in my drawer so many years before I sent it out was that when I read the good stuff out there I used to think "I can't do this..." The trick is to read the bad stuff and say "Anyone could do better than this!"

    2. haha, excellent! by the way if you could hook me up with that mythical evil book that everyone is up in arms about i'd appreciate that too. it looks like a good read