Sunday 3 March 2013

Raffling the Emperor of Thorns manuscript for charity

(The original proof copy of the Emperor of Thorns manuscript, complete with my corrections, signed & doodled)

So last year I auctioned the King of Thorns manuscript for charity. It sold for $400 and my daughter handed the check over to the Children's Hospices South West, a charity that runs a number of hospices for terminally ill and life-limited children.

(Celyn, during one of our stays at the hospice)

All good.

The only thing that bothered me was that readers who didn't have $400 but would like the manuscript and would like to help sick kids weren't able to take part.

So this year I've decided to try a raffle. You buy your raffle tickets by donating directly to the children's hospice charity. Each $ you give is one ticket (I'll do any necessary currency conversions). Email me the receipt they send you. If for any reason you can't donate via the website contact me on  and we can work something out.

[NOTE: The charity aren't involved in this. They just accept donations - you need to tell ME you've entered and how much you gave so I can allocate tickets to you.]

I'll do the draw in a public and random fashion on June 21st and send out the prize. (The book is out August 6th).

If the prize winner bought $20+ of tickets they'll also get the UK Prince of Thorns hardback signed 1st edition.

If the prize winner bought $40+ of tickets they'll also get the US King of Thorns hardback signed 1st edition.

If the prize winner bought $60+ of tickets they'll also get the pretty mug in the picture showing all three covers.

I'll keep a tally of the donations on this page with shout-outs/links for anyone who'd like one.

$3011 raised so far!        Feel good about it!

Contributors include:
(I encourage you to allow me to thank you here)
(links and attributions are my additions)

Kenny Soward (author of Rough Magic)
Nadine Kharabian (super-reader)
Steve Drew (Reddit Fantasy contributor)
John Darcy (super-reader)
Leigh Drusilla Lyle (many thanks!)
Halaku (reddit r/fantasy super-star)
Alex von der Linden (a name to conjure with! ... don't try ...seriously)
Brandon Zarzyczny (medalist in the national 'number of z's in your surname' competition)
Johann Pollard (fantasy book blogger extrordinaire)
Robin Carter (blogger, reviewer, owner of the King of Thorns manuscript!)
John Gregory Wynn (cheers mate!)
Hilary Treat (Best.Hilary.Ever.)
Rosco Schock (Fantasy Lover)
Luke Scull (author of The Grim Company)
Grace Link (many thanks!)
John Borbone ("No whammy, no whammy.")
Queen Katiemae (a royal gift!)
Alexis Vermonter (Baby blogger)
Mike Myers (just zis guy, you know?)
Mia C. (A Friendly Stalker)
Alice Leiper (aka Chilari)

Neverland's Library (kickstart this anthology!)
Andrew Menzies (interweb hero)
Garret Dillahunt (Fine Fellow!)
Fran Bamber (Frantastic)
Christie Jones (many thanks!)
Jared Shurin (Pornbot)
Joel P. (a star!)
Rich Welsh (Good man!)
Andrew Myers (top geezer)
Nathan Washor (true gentleman)
Jordon Smith (Hurrah!)
Joe Parrino (tweeter in good standing!)
Ray Lorenz (fine bloke!)
Bruno (the beard) Giordan
Mitriel (the mysterious!)
Marc Harris (travelmeister to the stars (also Africa))
Marc Tager (friend to the world (under construction))
Jeff Xilon  (salt of the earth)


  1. So is it that every person who donates 20$ gets a copy of Prince of Thorns UK edition signed or or is it only for the winner.

    1. heh - no, it would be cheaper for me to just give $20 to the charity than do that :)

      If the winner donated more than $20 then _they_ get the book, and if they donated more than $60 they get everything in the photo (except the carpet)

    2. How much do I need to donate and win to get the carpet too then?

  2. Karl the Karpet Kollektor11 March 2013 at 00:40

    What about donating $80? Does that justify taking a box cutter to the section of the carpet shown in the photo?

    I'm sorry. I just love fuzzy carpets.

    1. anyone donating $1,000,000 can have my carpet too!