Thursday 21 November 2013

Contest Time! -- Say 'Cheese!'

Note the contest is closed - results here.

Look at all this free stuff!

So I'm running a competition with scads (SCADS I say) of prizes. It's a simple one - photo of you + my book/s, or just my books if you're shy. 


There are random prizes and prizes for the top rated shots (based on voting & points awarded by me for number of books, interesting location etc). And the more people who enter, the more prizes on offer!

I'm holding it HERE (click on the 'popular' or 'new' tabs to see the contest)

You have to go there and upload your photo. This is a 'creative environment' that some guys I know have been working on and it's wholly legit.

I'm hoping to use it in the future for some Very Exciting Stuff  that I can't talk about and this is kind of a test run - so you gotta show up and make me look good... or I'll be too sad to write. Also... PRIZES!

Any problems, let me know! And be sure to upvote any photo you like!

Currently this is the winning shot (not the only prize winner though)

eBooks count and it's open internationally.

Get in there and get some of the good stuff.

Note: I'm adding in a prize for every 10 entries & the signed and doodled Emperor of Thorns hardcovers can (if you're prepared to wait) be early signed and doodled copies of my new book Prince of Fools instead!


  1. I'm only half-way through King (started Prince the day before yesterday) and I am really fascinated! I've been looking for a story with such characters and story development everywhere!
    I'd really love to enter the challenge as well; even though I don't possess Emporer yet :p
    Just one short question: Is this limited to certain countries?
    A fan from Germany sends her regards ;-)

  2. I've got all 3 books on my nook... how would that work? Want a picture of my nook? It's very pretty

  3. Oh Baby my camera and my arcs are going to be very happy
    thanks Mark
    sending pics soon :)

  4. How long is this running?

  5. When does this end? I want to join!

    1. 9 days from now ... there's a clock counting down on the site.

  6. Is the only way to join by logging in through Facebook? I don't have an account.

    1. Yup. Sorry, but part of the purpose of the exercise (for me) is to test out this new site for future projects.

      However - there will be non-Facebook contests coming up, & getting a Facebook account only takes a few moments if you can't wait.

  7. When is the last day of submitting?

    1. It's finished - results here: