Friday 1 November 2013

Thorns Family

Jorg, Katherine, Miana, Makin, Gorgoth, Gog, Chella

Seven members of the Thorns clan imagined by LivinMyNovels on Check out her work HERE.

Many more Jorgs to be found HERE.

A selection of Red Kents, Chellas, and other favourites below: 

Red Kent by Jason Deem

Red Kent by Juan Pablo Cartasso

Red Kent by Petri Hiltunen

Queen Rowan, Jorg and William
‘Mother’s Music’ by Krystal Wolfe

Coddin by EmiliaAkelia    
Gorgoth and Gog by John Stewart

Chella by codeobsidian

Chella, by Shelby Nichols

Chella, by Mayticks

Chella, by Mayticks

Gorgoth with Jorg’s son by Joyce van Paassen

Katherine by Sarah Trac

The whole family anime style by  Jonathan Walles

& here another take on the family by Enife:

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  1. Love seeing how the artist's vision differs from my own. I must one day haul out my art supplies.