Thursday, 10 April 2014

My mini-me is fully armed!

So my mini-Snaga arrived today! It's for King of Thorns placing on the shortlist of the David Gemmell Legend Award

Vote here for this year's award - gotta click 'vote' at the bottom (I found I must have missed it on my try.).

Anyway it's shown here with its snazzy case and also my Stabby from reddit r/fantasy.

The Snaga is actually a pretty heavy bit of metal and I reckon you could probably take out a child-zombie with it if you got the timing right.

In any event, these two are more than sufficient to fully arm my mini-me!

I hope one day to be described as, Mark Lawrence, the award wielding author!

And if Jorg's last outing, Emperor of Thorns, is lucky enough to win the main prize this year I'll be the proud owner of a seriously big axe!

Voting ends in 3 days (April 13th), no registration required, click the link, click beside the book of your choice, and be sure to click 'vote' at the bottom.

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  1. Oh that looks so cool!
    And *voted* :)
    - ScarletBea