Monday, 28 April 2014

Neverland's Library - an anthology wot I'm in!

Great cover, hey? Gabriel Verdon's work, with extra graphical goodies by Tom Brown inside!

The words are pretty good too. You can buy it HERE if you're in the US, and HERE if you're in the UK.

There's an introduction by this guy:

In addition to my own story "Deception" there are tales from the authors of these fine books:

&, as they say, many others!

Go, buy, enjoy!

Mark Lawrence - Deception 
J.M. Martin - Shadow Dust 
Brian Staveley - Dead Ox Falls 
Tim Marquitz - Redemption at Knife’s Edge 
Jeffrey J. Mariotte & Marsheila Rockwell - A Soul in the Hand 
Kenny Soward - The Machine 
Betsy Dornbusch - Season of the Soulless 
Stephen McQuiggan - Redfern’s Slipper 
Keith Gouveia - Fire Walker 
Jeff Salyards - The Height of our Fathers 
William Meikle - The Last Magician 
Ian Creasey - Restoring the Magic 
Mercedes M. Yardley - Charlotte and the Demon Who Swam Through the Grass 
Peter Rawlik - On the Far Side of the Apocalypse 
Joseph R. Lallo - The Stump and the Spire 
Teresa Frohock - Love, Crystal, and Stone 
Don Webb - The Tune from Long, Long Ago 
R.S. Belcher - An Equity in Dust 
Marie Brennan - Centuries of Kings 
Miles Cameron - Renaissance

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