Sunday 23 November 2014

My fantasy shelf

Having just given myself dust-fever moving 10 tons of fantasy books, giving away 2 tons, and organising the remainder alphabetically ... I thought that the least I could do was get a free blog post out of it.

This is the shelf in my new 'study' / games room. It's our SFF collection from H to Z, with a couple of G's lobbed in and minus my wife's Star Wars books (another 7 foot shelf like these) and a lot of vampire books I wouldn't give house room to. Also minus whatever happens to be hiding in my sons' rooms at the moment (though they did let me give all the Dragon Lance & Forgotten Realms books to the charity shop).

I haven't read all of these, but I've read a lot of them.

You can click any shelf for a high resolution look.

& on the unit opposite, graphic novels and miscellanea :


  1. I'm impressed that they're so organized. My shelves are arranged Tetris-style.

  2. I see my two babies in the last picture! Nice to be on the same shelf as Gaiman!

  3. You have gaps on the top of your books for more books... I'm jealous :)

  4. Very nice! I have more books than I do shelves, so they're all stacked flat, 2 rows deep. Doesn't do much for showing them off, but it keeps them handy.

  5. VERY organised dear sir, think mine should be re-arranged now! Lol, just think you're missing something...oh yes, my book! ;)

  6. Marvelous collection! Love it!
    What about the rest (the ones before H?)

  7. Big like! :-) But where is Malazan book of the fallen?

    1. Well... not on the H to Z shelves.

      I do have the first Erikson book.

  8. Great collection. Something special about old worn book's. The crinkled spines and dog eared corners. I have about 300 books but most of them are in boxes as I dont have the space to display them all. I have a great local second hand book shop I frequent, the owner always puts aside any Sci Fi / fantasy novels that come in for me. Also there is something distinct about the smell of an old book.

  9. "I have more books than I do shelves, so they're all stacked flat, 2 rows deep. Doesn't do much for showing them off, but it keeps them handy" --> me too!
    Every time I visit a stately home, I spend ages in the library room, wishing that was my house just for that room: books! Space! Show them off! hehe

    I love your shelves, Mark, but it bugs me no end to see that you have unmatched books/formats...within the same series! Eeek! I can never do that, unfortunately, it messes my brain hehe


  10. I'm chuffed I have read so many of those books. Also gave me a few more authors to try ;-)