Monday 17 November 2014

The Liar's Key, full cover, US version

The cover for the Red Queen's War, book 2:

Pre-order it. I dare(*) you!  US   UK

Many thanks to artist Jason Chan for this fine cover!

(*) I double dare you!


  1. Hmm..this definitely looks like the work of artist Jason Chan.I remember he did the UK cover of 'Prince of Fools' while Chris McGrath did the US cover.

    Does this mean that McGrath is no longer doing the US covers and that Chan's artwork will be used for both US and UK editions from now on ?

    1. An oversight -I've now tagged Jason as the artist. Yes, same artist for US/UK covers. The split was die to scheduling issues, but I'm much happier with one cover for all editions in English.

  2. A double dare is very hard to resist, but I must wait until they offer pre-sale at Goldsboro. I've found it is the best way to get UK covers signed by the authors. Rest assured that once they do, I'll all in! ;o)

  3. I can't waitv to read your next book. I've been rereading The Broken Empire in anticipation of it and anxiously working through the pages as I make my way to the ending that killed a part of me inside. Your books were the highlight of my junior year and anticipation for the Liars Key is what's gotten me through this'd part of my senior year. Hopefully, Liars Key will help me live through to graduation.
    Please excuse any typos or errors, I'm typing on my phone. Congratulations on 500,000 copies sold, and I hope everything works out for you.