Thursday 23 February 2017

Red Sister contest!

Huge thanks to all who entered the Red Sister contest. Your efforts are very much appreciated!
The random winners are, getting signed Wheel of Osheim paperbacks (or alternatives)
Feel free to email me your addresses and to ask any dedication you want.
#12 Kristina #25 Kim #5 T.O & #18 Tony
Winners on effectiveness: Red Sister hardbacks to #7 Joy Cronje #15 Trevor Hob Sherman
ARC winner has to be Petros Triantafylloy for going above and beyond!


The ulterior motive behind every contest I have ever run is, of course, to spread the word about my books.

To that end, cutting out the middle man, this is a contest to spread the word about Red Sister.

The winners will be those judged to have done the most effective job, four random picks so that all entries have a chance of winning.

Prizes = 1 Red Sister ARC, 2 Red Sister hardbacks. All signed and doodled. And 4 signed Wheel of Osheim paperbacks (or other previous works).


- try for a viral tweet. Most RTs wins! Must make the subject clear. Bonus points for including the cover and a link.

- make a Facebook post, most shares and likes wins! Include the cover and a link.

- make a Youtube video. Most views wins.

- take a photo of someone holding a printout of the cover. Most people taking part wins. Bonus points for famous faces and good location.

- convince a convent full of nuns to sing about the book

- a blog post, most unique comments wins

- proof that a friend will now read it because you talked them into it

- Get the book release into a newspaper, on TV, projected by laser onto the face of the Moon, get Donald Trump to tweet about it etc.

- a great sign! Here's one for Prince of Fools

Whatever you do, send me a photo, or a link. I'll put them here and at the end of the contest check the figures.

Send to

Contest closes March 20th. Entries must post date the start of the contest.


#30 Clary - promo tweet

#29 Konstantina -  promo tweet!

#28 Tracy -  Facebook post

#27 Grimdragons -  review & tweet!

#26 Kate - Sticker campaign!

see more

#25 Kim -  A Facebook post
                   & a Blog Post

#24 Pavle -  Student common room fruit bowl advertising!

 #23 Alania -  promo tweet

#22 Kurt -  A Custom Gaming Emblem (Call of Duty Black Ops 3)

#21 Mia - A Song!

#20 Justin -  Facebook Post

#19 Kristina

#18 Tony - Facebook post

#17 Petros - Facebook post 
                      Blog giveaway!
                       A video promo!

                         A Song!

#16 Brandon - is working to get nuns on board!

#15 Trevor - Blog Post!

#14 Loki - Facebook post

#13 Steve - promo tweet
                   Facebook post

#12 Kristina - promo tweet
                        Facebook post

#11 Mia - promo tweet

#10 Karine - Facebook post

#9 Mike - promo tweet

#8 Andy - promo tweet (to Donald Trump)

#7 Joy - A content calendar detailing forthcoming efforts 
                  (with a link to metrics on their impact!)
                                   Facebook Post

#6 Poornapragna - promo tweet

#5 T.O - promo tweet

#4 Zach - promo tweet
                        blog post

#3 Alex - promo tweet

#2 David - Facebook post
                   & promo tweet

#1 Jorg - promo tweet 

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  1. Hi Mark, here's the link to my tweet, worryingly my tweet about the comp itself already has more retweets but it's early days! Thanks, Andy.