Sunday 12 February 2017

Well covered!

Here are Red Sister's US and UK covers along with two fakes, one from Petros and a mashup posted anonymously on reddit.

Just for fun, two polls, one to choose between the genuine covers and one to choose between all of them.

POLL:  US or UK?

POLL:  US, UK, fake 1 or fake 2?

Oh, and while you're clicking, how about a pre-order? US or UK.

Results with 225 votes in:

US Voters       UK Voters      International Voters
US 79%          US 74%           US  80%
UK 21%         UK 26%           UK 20%

US cover

UK cover

Fake Cover 1

Fake Cover 2


  1. Even though there's too much white space and the character's a bit too small the UK version wins for me. I like the style and it has (by far) the best font/typography.

  2. Fake 1. Love the determination shown in her grip with her left hand. All the others she almost seems defeated. Is she supposed to be?

  3. I'm surprised at the response. The US cover seems like the best by far. But who am I?

  4. US Cover - but having lived in North America since I was 12, my tastes have probably been conditioned by US covers so ... shrugs

  5. US or Fake Cover 1. The UK cover... just no. If the character was removed from the cover (she looks too cartoonish, too... amateurish), then it would be better, but still not comparable with the US cover. They're miles apart.

  6. UK cover ain't up to much. US cover is great.

  7. I like the Fake 1 and US cover, though I think the Fake 1 is nicer to look at.

  8. I would be happy with either the US or the Fake 1.
    The fake 1 reminds me of a lot of fantasy styled cover art, most recently Douglas Hulick's book you just reviewed, it could have been done by the same artist. The Fake 2 looks like a copy of Sebastien De Castell's cover art. On the other hand I really hate the UK art and I'm surprised that both someone in Voyager chose it and someone got paid to do such a poor job to take in your body or work and previous covers (which have been fantastic thus far!) and produce that abysmal work.

  9. I'm astonished to see that people actually really like that overused style of US cover. Sometimes it seems like every fantasy book has to have the same cover, with big character holding a sword in the center. Fake 1 is even more like that.

    I would definitely prefer UK one. While it's not perfect, it's at least a little original. I don't mind cartoonish style for the character at all.

    Also, I can't tell if it's intended or just my mind doing tricks, but it the snow really looks like a bed.