Friday, 30 March 2018

All the Grey Sister reviews I know about so far!

Grey Sister hits the shelves in the US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand on the 3rd of April.

In the UK we have to wait until the 17th of May (not a decision I had any say in).

Here are all the reviews I know about so far!


"Grey Sister is an epos in its original meaning; a literary masterpiece with no equal that will undoubtedly stand the test of time."

Fantasy Hive:

"This book, like its heroine, is full of fire and worth."

RT Magazine:

"With the strategy of a general and the finesse of an artist this master storyteller fills each page with vivid imagery, making the beautifully brutal scenes, alien landscapes, and impressive characters come to life for his audience."

Publishers Weekly:

"Lawrence’s suspenseful account of Nona’s efforts to complete her training and gain control over her powers balances action and introspection, and will keep readers hooked."

Parmenion Books:

"I LOVE this series, Mark Lawrence is one of the most exciting writers in the fantasy genre."

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist:

"Darker and more ambitious than its predecessor, Grey Sister is definitely one of the fantasy books to read in 2018! This just in: That thorn guy is pretty damn good!"

Forever Lost In Literature:

"Now this was a thoroughly good book!"

Drey's Library:


Mayticks, a drawn review!

"It's exhilarating!"

The Quill to Live:

"let me ease your worries and stoke your excitement, Grey Sister is excellent and something to be very pumped for."

Mystic Fibrosis:

"I’m pleased to say that Grey Sister more than holds up, and unusually for a ‘middle’ book in a series, is actually better than the first."

The Grim Dragons:

"There is just MORE of everything here! Action, tragedy, villains, friendship, KICKASS SWORD-WIELDING NUNS WHO USE MAGIC! It’s fucking GLORIOUS!!"

Fantasy Book Review:

"Book of the Ancestor is Mark Lawrence's finest series by a great distance and Grey Sister is a far superior outing than the critically acclaimed first entry and his previous works."

Between Dreams and Reality:

"I really had a great time with this story once again and after all the events here, I’m really looking forward to discover what the author has in store for the future."

The Bloggin' Hobgoblin:

"I thoroughly enjoyed Grey Sister and I can’t wait for the final book. Obviously I give it 5 out of 5 stars"


  1. Wow, I love this series! Mr. Lawrence, you have done it again. Gray Sister was a great follow up, I loved the strong female characters and friendships. We get more viewpoints this time around, which rounds out the story nicely.  A lot of my questions from  Red Sister were answered, while I got a host of new ones, starting with Keot(that little devil). I have recommended this series to all that will listen and will continue to do so!