Tuesday 6 March 2018

All my book awards are weapons!

Top: Gemmell axeling, for King of Thorns making the Legend shortlist (back in the day when they gave them for shortlisting)

Outer left/right: Stabbies for best book (Emperor of Thorns) and best contributing pro author on r/fantasy.

Inner left/right: Gemmell Legend Award for Emperor of Thorns and The Liar's Key.

Centre: The Golden Stabby, for best book (Red Sister) and best contributing pro author on r/fantasy.

My Golden Stabby arrived today, and it's a BIGGY!

Huge thanks to Elquesogrande, founder of r/fantasy, for sending this beast to me at vast postage expense.

The "golden" element derives from my decision, following in the magnanimous footsteps of Brandon Sanderson, to recuse myself from the Stabby Awards for a few years.

Anyway, it's a heavy chunk of metal, and I'm very grateful to the good folk of r/fantasy for voting Red Sister their favourite book of 2017. I shall wear it with pride!

And if we get burgled again then the criminal has even more to worry about! Same goes for zombie apocalypse.

Thanks again to all those voters out there who have made me an award-wielding author!


  1. How many copies of Wheel of Osheim do you have sat on your shelf?

    1. Quite a few. It's very hard to find a good reason to spend money sending a free copy of the last book in a trilogy to someone.

      I run out of book 1s quite quickly.

  2. Congrats on the Golden Stabby. It was well deserved. Red Sister was THE best book of 2017. I am waiting for my pre-ordered copy Grey Sister to arrive next month.

  3. Amazing. Congratulations Mark!

  4. Love it! Red Sister was by far the best book I read last year, the award was well deserved! You could always run a contest or something I know there are good homes out there just waiting for them. Everybody loves a singed copy even if it's a duplicate!