Saturday 1 August 2020

Prince of Thorns is nine years old!

Prince of Thorns is 9 years in print!

Check out the 8th7th6th5th4th3rd2nd, and 1st birthday round-ups. 

I now have 14 books on the shelves!

These two came out since Prince of Thorns' last birthday, plus Road Brothers is in paperback now with a new Jason Chan cover.

Being a numbers guy as well as a words guy I like to keep track of things and record them for when I'm a doddery old guy looking back at my 'glory' days.

On Goodreads Prince of Thorns has passed 90,000 ratings!

I have been very neglectful of the blog of late, and it's shown in plateauing traffic, but still ~30,000 hits a month isn't too shabby and this year it cruised past 3 million hits in total.
And of course I still plug away ineffectually on Twitter!

Well, that's my annual stock-take. Over & out, until next year.

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  1. Way to go! Thanks for churning out some REALLY interesting and entertaining novels!