Wednesday 2 August 2023

Prince of Thorns is Twelve Today!

 Prince of Thorns has been on the shelves for twelve years!

The UK paperback has reached at least 30 printings.

I'll take the chance to say thanks - thank you to my readers (and my publishers) for letting me spend the past 12 years writing stories, and more than that - living in them. It's been an unexpected privilege.

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I now have 17 books on the shelves!

The most recent addition was The Book That Wouldn't Burn, in May. Which has been my first book 1 of a trilogy to hit the Sunday Times bestseller list!

Being a numbers guy as well as a words guy I like to keep track of things and record them for when I'm doddery and old, looking back at my 'glory' days.

At this point I need to inject a comment concerning Goodreads. The Goodreads site has been an open joke for many years. It's one of the worst coded things on the internet. If you imagine a decent site as having an internal combustion engine, Goodreads is more a series of blackened saucepans propped up over trash fires, with a spaghetti mess of leaking twisted pipes siphoning off the steam in the hopes of driving a Victorian era piston.

The thousands of ratings they deleted from my books (primarily Prince of Thorns) are still gone, and their latest trick has been to break their own site further, scrambling author dashboards and the search engine (which had a brief period of working after a decade of being inexplicably trash).

So, I can't show you the first page (or first two as per last year) of my author dashboard because it's full of random short stories and foreign editions rather than my most popular books.

Rather than lose that data entirely, I've typed in the highlights.

Prince of Thorns -- 3.84 -- 110,692
King of Thorns -- 4.19 -- 64,159
Emperor of Thorns -- 4.24 -- 51,551
Prince of Fools -- 4.06 -- 31,544
The Liar's Key -- 4.24 -- 19,643
The Wheel of Osheim -- 4.32 -- 16,170
Red Sister -- 4.17 -- 54,849
Grey Sister - 4.37 -- 32,455
Holy Sister -- 4.32 -- 26,095
Road Brothers (both versions) -- 4.28 -- 2,958
One Word Kill -- 3.75 -- 19,196
Limited Wish -- 4.05 -- 7,087
Dispel Illusion -- 4.23 -- 5,489
The Girl And The Stars -- 3.82 -- 10,119
The Girl And The Mountain -- 4.16 -- 5,028
The Girl And The Moon -- 4.27 -- 3,577
The Book That Wouldn't Burn -- 4.23 -- 4,199

This blog continues to chug along. Blogs seem to be a dying means of communication, with most people prefering the immedacy of social media. Even so, a twitter row over the SPFBO art contest did see the blog smash its monthly views record, so nearly topping 100,000 in a month (the vast majority of that in 48 hours!).

And my quest to conquer Twitter before it dies crawls on... And yeah, never going to call it anything else. I'm on Threads now too in case you want to try an alternative.

It's also worth noting that this year has seen the release of the 10th anniversary special edition of King of Thorns from Grim Oak Press, with Broken Binding saying they'll bring out their UK-based version shortly.

Where things stand with my special editions:

Grim Oak Press
The Broken Empire omnibus - SOLD OUT
The Red Queen's War omnibus - SOLD OUT
10th anniversary Prince of Thorns - SOLD OUT

Broken Binding
10th anniversary Prince of Thorns - SOLD OUT

If you want to see how they appreciate, try buying a copy of the sold out editions on ebay.

Well, that's my annual stock-take. Over & out, until next year.

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