Friday 18 December 2015

A Year in Numbers ... Five!

So following on from similar posts at the same time in 201420132012 and 2011 I record a year of ups and less ups. I take a minute to do the sums and raid the scrapbook.

It's been a very good 2015 all told!

High points have included selling my third trilogy, Red Sister, to Ace and Voyager, and The Liar's Key being my fifth book in a row to make the Goodreads Choice Award semi-final while Prince of Fools made the final of the Gemmell Legend Award & came 2nd in the r/fantasy Stabby award for best fantasy!


And I've published an anthology of Broken Empire short stories!

I also designed and kickstarted (with help from Ragnarok) a card game! Raising over $30,000 from over 1000 backers.

Lies, damn lies, and statistics to follow:

Prince of Thorns got its 40,000th Goodreads rating this year, and I sold my 750,000th book in English in 2015. Plus I hit a 1,000,000 words published or ready for publication, and got my 1,000,000th hit on my blog!

I now have over 100,000 Goodreads ratings and over 250,000 'books added'! The numbers boggle my mind.
I also established a rule of thumb linking Goodreads ratings to sales.

I'm slimming Amazon stats down to the first and latest book. Hopefully this time next year Prince of Thorns will have broken the 1,000 reviews barrier on!

The blog had its millionth hit in 2015 and got almost 70,000 hits in one month!

Blog traffic since inception.
And finally, Twitter, where at last I broke the 10,000 follower barrier!


  1. Nowhere in the world (still) can I find a copy of the wolf cover of The Liar's Key (to match my Prince of Fools) - only the red version! I still haven't bought a copy for this reason!

    1. Won't Amazon will get one to you in a couple of days...