Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Final Round of the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off 2016

The final round starts on November 1st 2016, but I will update the score table with the finalists as they're declared.

I'm encouraging bloggers to give their finalist a score that allows them space to reward any even better books that come along.

I'm also encouraging bloggers to use the range of marks since if they mark all the books between 7 and 8 they will have a smaller impact on the final result than a blogger who scores between 2 and 9. (the range is 1 to 10).

I will be keeping tabs on the final round on this page, recording scores for finalist in the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off and linking any reviews. #SPFBO

The reviews, the books, and the blogs are all linked on this table. (click scores to get reviews)


  1. I'm curious, and if it isn't too much inside baseball, how the 2015 finalists careers were affected by the SPFBO?

    1. That's an imponderable since writing careers rise and fall to their own tune and it would be hard to know how much depended on any given factor.

      Suffice it to say that none of them are household names yet.

    2. I'll have you know I am name in my household.

      Though I rank somewhere below the goldfish and that was flushed down the... given an appropriate service of remembrance a few years ago.

  2. That review for Path of Flames is incredible. I had never heard of Phil Tucker, but the book has 71 reviews on Amazon and has 4.7 stars. I think I will check it out.

  3. I was thinking about the problem of reviewers/bloggers who do or don't use the full range of scores and therefore influence the final result less than those who do.

    We have a similar issue with appointment panels at work and the way we get round that is that
    a) each member of the panel works out their score
    b) each member of the panel then puts the candidates in rank order of score, 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc
    c) it is the ranking numbers (1 for 1st, 2 for 2nd etc) which are then totalled across all panel members.
    d) the one with the lowest total ranking number (and therefore highest average rating across all reviewers) is the one who is the winner.

    While not perfect this does mean that the views of each blogger/reviewer have equal impact on the overall outcome.

    Just a thought - maybe for next year.

    1. The problem with this method is that all the books need to be read before it can be applied, which removes the opportunity to see the process unfold.

    2. They could sort of rank as they read if you feel you need to show progress, inserting and adjusting along the way (so some books may get bumped down as it goes). I think ranking would be a good way to go, personally, since every reviewer will rate differently based on their own preferences (when to use a 7 versus 5, etc). Ranking will be a solid comparison with little ambiguity with how one reviewer rated versus another. It's also easier to rank than to dole out low ratings (like 2s).

  4. We'll be announcing our finalist on Thursday Sept 29 at noon EST.

    Kat Hooper for

  5. You know what, when books are good, Pornokitsch has a way of doing reviews which really make you want to go out then and there to read it; I bought both Path of Flames and Senlin Ascends (go read this one too - Mark has been banging the drum for this and it's well worth it) straight after reading they chose their finalist.

    Really excited to see their reviews for the other finalists.

    (Little backstory: I first found Pornokitsch through r/fantasy and their reviews for the Gemmell Awards - I think it was the review of Traitor's Blade which really piqued my interest - and I've read whatever gets posted on r/fantasy from Pornokitsch ever since)