Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Scavenger Hunt!

Challenge List:

Trivial (1 point):

Easy (2 points):
Dragon with rider.
Castle under siege.
Warrior with two swords.
Knights jousting.
Any of plate/fork/spoon/cup.

Moderate (3 points):
Monster with rider.
An upside down person.
Warrior with a flaming sword.
A monster eating someone.
Farm animal/s (not horses, dogs etc).
Two castles.
Someone eating.
Someone swimming.
Someone flying.

Hard (4 points):
Humanoid being ridden.
A knife fight.
A monster kissing/hugging someone.
One person wearing mostly red and green.
Someone on fire
One person carrying another.

Impossible (5 point):
Dragon riding a dragon.
A poleaxe fight.
Two monsters making out.
A person wearing mostly red, another wearing mostly green, another wearing mostly black.
Someone juggling three different things.
A monster wearing a hat.

See after the entries for how to play.


#19 Ralph (& daughter)(35)
Dragonlance Chronicles - 7 points, Casting spell +1, Armour +1, Sword +1, Dragon +1, Wand (staff ok?) +1, Dragon with Rider +2 / Reavers of the Blood Sea - 5 point Sea monster +4, Axe +1 / A Princess of Mars - 4 points One person carrying another +4 / John Carter of Mars - 3 point Monster with rider +3 / Lions at Lunchtime - 7 points Giraffe +5, Lion +2 / Scooby-Doo and the Scary Snowman - 9 points Monster with hat +5, One person wearing mostly red and green +4

#18 Alison(30)
Dragon = 1 [the walrus and the warwolf], Sword  = 1 [night watch – guard on far left & middle]
Castle = 1 [sword of flame], Spell casting = 1 [sword of flame], Armour = 1 [night watch – all guards]
Wand = 1 [sword of flame], Warrior with 2 swords = 2 [night watch guard below the guy in black on the left]
Unicorn = 2 [sword of flame – tiny horse on left  is a unicorn], Someone swimming = 3 [the grim grotto]
One person carrying another = 4 [the dragon bone chair], A knife fight = 4 [rose of the prophet]
Person wearing red and green = 4 [dragon bone chair – the chap being carried is wearing red and pale green I think], Poleaxe fight = 5 [night watch – lots of poleaxes]
(I won't contest the red and green as this isn't a winning score)

#17 Nick(40)
Walking Dead - Monster wearing a hat (5)
Narnia  - Sword (1) Castle (1) Lion (2) Unicorn (2) Sea Monster (4) Total (10)
JLA - Someone flying (3) One Person wearing red and green (4) A person wearing mostly red, another green, another black (5) Total (12)Thomas - Giraffe (5)
Snuff - Humanoid being ridden (4) Farm animals (3) Armour (1) Total (8)
(I might overlook that Mr Tumble is juggling 6 instead of 3 things, but by "different" I mean different objects. Technically even identical balls are different...)

#16 Andrea(40)  **will need confirming with a higher res photo
Trivial: Dragon, Sword, Axe, Castle, Spell-Casting, Armour = 6 x 1=6
Easy: Dragon with Rider, Castle Under Siege, Warrior with two swords, Knights jousting = 4 x 2 =8 Moderate:  Farm Animals, Someone eating, Someone flying = 3 x 3 = 9 Hard: Sea Monster, One person wearing mostly red and green, One person carrying another = 3 x 4 = 12 Impossible: Monster wearing a hat = 5 x1 = 5
(ruled out  can't see a plate/fork/spoon/cup , the vampire can qualify as person eating or monster eating someone but not both, and while they are fighting with knives it's only a knife fight if both combatants have knives, otherwise you have brought a knife to a sword fight or whatever, it's a sea monster or a person swimming but not both, that's spell casting not a person on fire)

#15 Trevor(46)
Gaminformer  17 points  knife fight 4 points, Someone on fire 4 points, A monster eating someone. 3 points, Castle under siege 2 points,  Humanoid being ridden. 4 points / The Gully Dwarves  12 points A person wearing mostly red, another wearing mostly green, another wearing mostly black. 5 points,  An upside down person. 3 points, One person carrying another.. 4 points / Dragons of spring Dawning 9 points  Spell Casting  1 point, armor 1 point, dragon 1 point, Sword 1 point, Castle. 1 point / Shadow rising 5 points, Any of plate/fork/spoon/cup. 2 points, Someone eating. 3 points / New spring 3 points, 2 castles 3 points

#14 David(28)
(28) Sword-1, Castle-1, Armour-1, Warrior with Two Swords-2, Monster with Rider-3, A Knife Fight-4, Sea Monster-4, Someone on Fire-4, One Person Carrying Another-4, One Person Wearing Mostly Red and Green-4

#13 JR(36)
Outsorcerer's Apprentice = 9 1 - Dragon, 1 - Sword, 1 - Axe, 1 - Castle, 2 - Unicorn, 3 - Two castles / Knife of Dreams = 5 5 - person in red, person in green, person in black / Snuff = 8 1 - Armour, 3 - Farm animals, 4 - Humanoid being ridden / Dragon Hammer = 4 4 - Person in red and green / Conclave of Shadow = 4 1 - Spell casting, 3 - Tiger / House of Steel = 6 2 - Lion (one on banner, one in stone) 4 - Monster hugging someone

#12 Tracey(44)
Never Shake a Rattlesnake:  farm animals (counting the rabbit as well since we eat them) 3 points, 1 x giraffe 5 points, total 8 points
1001 Dinosaurs: someone flying 3 points, upside down person 3 points, plate 2 points,, total 8 points 
Stories and Rhymes: unicorn 2 points, someone wearing mostly red and green 4 points, total 6 points
Silver Kings: dragon 1 point, spell casting 1 point, castle under siege 2 points, total 4 points  
Loosejaw: Sea Monster 4 points, someone swimming 3 points, sword 1 point, monster with rider 3 points, total points 11
Puffing Treasury:  tiger 3 points, 2 castles (chess pieces) 3 points, armour 1 point, total points 7

#11 Marc(37)
1 point - Dragon (Eric), Sword (wandering fire), Castle (summer tree), Spell casting (Eric), Armour (Lord of emperors) - total 5, 2 point - Unicorn (Summer tree) - total 2, 3 points - Monster with rider (girl on black swan - back cover summer tree), Two castles (Wandering fire - one in background on both front and back covers) Someone flying (Summer tree - Boy on unicorn) - total 9, 4 points - monster hugging/kissing person  (Hungry hearts), Sea Monster (Wandering fire) - 8 points, 5 points - Dragon Riding dragon (Bored of the rings), One person in red etc (Lord of Emperors), Monster in hat (Eric - big demon thing in red on the front cover certainly has a red head coverer which I class as a hat) 15 points
(I don't see a dragon riding dragon on Bored of the Rings - I will give you 3 points for the pig though. If this turns out to be a winning score you will need to convince me that there is someone wearing mostly red on Lord of Emperors!)
(close ups of the covers were provided)

#10 James(35)
Sword - 1, Castle - 1, Armor - 1, Castle Under Siege - 2, Warrior with 2 Swords - 2, Monster with Rider - 3, Warrior with Flaming Sword - 3, Monster Eating Someone - 3, Two Castles - 3, Someone Flying - 3, One person wearing mostly red and green - 4, Someone on fire - 4, A person wearing mostly red, another wearing mostly green, another wearing mostly black - 5
(if this turns out to be a winning score I will need to the person in green&red pointed out to me and to consider if the "monster eating someone" is legit!)

#9 Brock(35)
One person wearing mostly red and green – 4, Dragon – 1, Unicorn – 2 / Monster hugging someone – 4 / Someone flying – 3, Spellcasting – 1, Lion – 2 / Monster with rider – 3, Sword – 1, Upside-down person – 3 / Sea monster – 4 / Monster wearing a hat – 5, Any of plate/fork/spoon/cup - 2

#8 Charlie(28)
Dragon – 1, Sword – 1, Castle -1, Armour -1, Spell Casting -1, Warrior with two swords – 2, Warrior with Flaming Sword -3, Tiger – 3, One person wearing mostly red and green – 4, Someone on fire – 4, Humanoid being ridden - 4, A monster wearing a hat - 5
(sadly your warrior with two flaming swords can only be counted as warrior with two swords OR warrior with flaming sword)

#7 Florencia(22)
1. Someone Flying. - 3 points. 2. Someone Swimming. - 3 points. 3. Castle Under Siege, Dragon, Sword, Armour. - 2+1+1+1= 5 points. 4. Monster Wearing a Hat (Not human anymore if you consider he came back from the dead to hunt Hell's fugitives...). - 5 points.
5. Farm animals. - 3 points. 6. Monster with Rider (rider's also a monster...), and a Polearm Fight (there are definitely polearms in that image and they are definitely fighting!). - 3 points.
(I've changed polearms to poleaxe for clarity but lances and spears aren't polearms either)

#6 Miguel(31)
1 point: dragon, sword, axe, castle, armour. 2 points: dragon with rider, castle under siege, lion (its face appears on Narnia book), unicorn, someone flying (on a broom and on a dragon). 4 points: a monster kissing/hugging someone (cover is depicting newborn dragons hugged to their mother and about to drink from her chest) <I'm giving you this as 3 points monster eating someone>, someone on fire  and one person carrying another (several of this on Homero--it's tiny, I know). 5 points: a person wearing mostly red, another wearing mostly green, another wearing mostly black (again, Homero cover is tiny).
(if this is a winning score I will need a less blurry image of the Homero cover and an indication of who you think is wearing mostly green)

#5 Midhat(20)
Trivial (1 point) = 6 points Dragon. Sword. Castle. Spell-Casting. Armour. Wand. Hard (4 points) = 4 points One person carrying another. Impossible (5 point) = 10 points A person wearing mostly red, another wearing mostly green, another wearing mostly black. + A monster wearing a hat.
(if this is a winning score I will examine the red, green, black claim more closely)

#4 Steven (20)
1)One person wearing mostly red and green, 2) a person on fire, 3) a warrior with a flaming sword, 4) a dragon with a rider, 5) humanoids being ridden (they all are being ridden by birds), and 6) a tiger. That's 4 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 4 + 3 = 20!

#3 Paul (7)
Sword, Axe and Armour 1pt each, Person in red and green 4 PST

#2 Peter (16)
Dragon: 1 point, Sword: 1 point, Castle: 1 point, Armour: 1 point, Castle under siege: 2 points (not sure if this one counts, it's on fire and all that), Warrior with 2 swords: 2 points, Sea monster: 4 points, Someone on fire: 4 points

#1 Jim (11)
sword(1)/axe(1)/armour(1)/castle(1)/dragon(1)/dragon with rider(2)/spell(1)/farm animal(3) = 11

How to play:

You have to find as many of these on the covers of books as you can. You can use as many as 6 books in your entry. These must be paper books and be together in the same place.

Send me a photo (or two if you must) showing the covers of the books and let me know how many points you claim to have scored.

You can have multiple "finds" on each book. Any given "find" scores only once (across all books). So for example a book with a mounted knight wielding an axe and a sword against three lions, with two castles in the background would score as follows:

Trivial: Sword, Axe, Armour, Castle  = 4 x 1 point
Easy: Lion = 1 x 2 points     (note, despite multiple examples of castles and lions they only score once)
Moderate: Two castles = 1 x 3 points (two castles is a category on its own)

Total = 4 + 2 + 3 = 9

None of these items will now score again on another cover.

Entries to empire_of_thorns@yahoo.co.uk

One entry per person. ENDS FRIDAY 20th of JANUARY

Prizes:  The top scorer will get a free signed copy of Red Sister and two random entries will get a choice of signed books or other swag from my stash depending on what's available.

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  1. Hi,

    I've got a couple of questions:

    - Does "paper books" mean "paperbacks" or physical books in general? (i.e., are hardcovers valid?)

    - Would a dragon qualify as "A monster kissing/hugging someone"? (I'm thinking of a cover depicting Dany, from A Song of Ice and Fire, and her dragons.)

    1. physical books in general

      dragons are monsters, but it has to be an obvious kiss or hug, not just one face close to another

    2. *cries in corner with Kindle.

  2. Do the books have to be fantasy or fiction? How about covers of medieval history texts or collections of folktales?

    Would you count lances as polearms, or must the polearm fight happen off horse?

    1. polearms are a specific class of weapon that doesn't contain lances or spears, but l've changed it to poleaxes as that is what I actually meant and is less confusing

    2. Thank you! I never enter these contests, but I'll try this one. I think.

      Also thank you for the definition of a polearm :)

  3. This also benefits US readers, because UK covers are usually more 'artistic' with less characters on the cover (my preference, actually!)

    I don't mind - as much as I would LOVE to get Red Sister, I prefer all my covers without those things ;)

  4. How do we send you the pictures? I think I have 38 points...

    1. To the email in bold after the bit that says "entries to:" :)