Saturday 14 July 2012

Stupidly Huge & Given away.

You may recall The Stupidly Huge Giveaway and the rather excellent entries ...

I can't tell you how pleased & impressed I was by so many people taking the time and producing such wonderful works of creativity. Very many thanks to all entrants.

The results are shown in the graph below. The top scoring entries align closely with my own picks but the excellence continues down the field with the 5th placed entry #14 being the personal favourite of several voters who I know have no connection to the contestant.

1st place #10
2nd place #6
3rd place #16
4th place #12

In addition to the popular vote Hollywood insider Stephen Susco cast his eye over the entries and his top 4 closely aligns with the that above (he chose 6/10/16/12).

So Charlotte Freyja Mattey is our grand prize winner, congratulations!

#6 gets a King of Thorns T-shirt
#16 gets a Prince of Thorns T-shirt or a copy of King of Thorns
#12 gets a Prince of Thorns T-shirt or a copy of King of Thorns (depending on which #16 chooses!)

Very many thanks to all involved and here are the winning entries again, in order, for your viewing pleasure:

1st prize!

2nd prize

3rd prize

4th prize

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