Tuesday 10 July 2012

VOTE - It's The Stupidly Huge Giveaway Entries!

So - listed below are links to the 16 entries to The Stupidly Huge Giveaway. Click on them, take a look, make your mind up. It's you who decides who wins!

I want to offer my thanks to all the entrants for not leaving me hanging on this one! When I annonounced the competition I hadn't realised what a diverse and creative set of submissions would come in. It has been very impressive. Having tried my own hand at a movie I can say with authority that even a simple production can involve a LOT of effort . . . and many of these entries are far from simple!

We have entries from across the globe - US, UK, Europe, Middle East etc - and as a poor linguist I have to applaud the entries from non-native speakers of English.

Results so far...
(early days yet!)

Voting: You may award points to up to 10 entries. You will award between 1 and 10 points. The highest scoring entry will win. You can't give the same point score twice.

Examples of legitimate votes:
Example 1:  10 points to #4
Example 2:  7 points to #2
Example 3:  9 points to #7 and 6 points to #3
Example 4:  10 points to #8, 9 to #3, 8 to #1, 7 to #2, 6 to #5, 5 to #11,4 to #3

i.e you can score as many entries as you like (so long as it's not more than 10) and you can score them 1 to 10 points (so long as you don't use the same score twice).

You can vote for yourself. Once.

How/Where to vote: To promote transparency and fairness

i) If you're one of my 385 facebook friends you can vote on my voting thread there or message me there.
ii) If you're one of my 250 Goodreads friends or 295 Goodreads fans or just an established Goodreads member - you can mail me your vote there or put it on the comments of my TSHG blog entry.
iii) If you're one of my 832 twitter followers you can tweet your vote to me (put #TSHG at the end). Or if you have a twitter account and don't follow me (shame on you) that works too.
iv) If you've made any of the 247 previous comments on this blog or you follow the blog you can put your vote in the comments on this post.
v) If none of that works for you, email me at empire_of_thorns(remove this)@yahoo.co.uk

Be generous with your points - let's not let anyone go home with zero!

I will chart the ongoing scores fairly regularly so people can see how things stand.

If you have problems with any of the movies, let me know. They have different audio levels - some need the sound whacked way up.

Some of the links look dull (i.e no picture) but they lead to great movies, so check 'em!

Entries (listed in order of submission)

Entry 15 (at the top because somehow I missed it and it's gone in late :/  )

Entry 16: (movie! Another one that was in time & I missed... I'm going senile, clearly. Give extra love to 15&16, it wasn't their fault!)

Entry 1: (movie!)


Entry 2:


Entry 3: (entrant may have had help from grand-daughter)

Entry 4: (something the entrant made at home I believe)

Entry 5: (movie! someone believes in speaking to their plants)

Entry 6: (movie! the only actor who dares show his/her face!)

Entry 7: (Animals snapped in entrant's garden!)

Entry 8 (movie! Animation & reading):

Entry 9: (Looks to me like this dog's been reading King of Thorns!)

Entry10: (movie!)

Entry 11:

Entry 12:

Entry 13:

Entry 14:


  1. Anyway to put the last three movies up on youtube. me kinda paranoid about downloading files.

    1. The entrants would have to do that (I would put in links). Those 3 are all links to my website where I uploaded the three .wmv files if that helps.

  2. Hi Mark! I sent you my entry a few days ago but I don't see it up there. Did you not get it or is there some other reason it's not there?


  3. The other possible reason is I'm an idiot - was it a movie? picture? remind me & I'll know if I've seen it. Either way - if you send it again (or post a link here) I'll definitely have it & will add in ASAP.

    1. turns out the reason is I'm an idiot (often the case). I've put your entry in at the top of the list where it will garner more attention! Apologies!

  4. #14 9 votes
    #13 7 votes
    #12 6 votes
    #11 5 votes
    #10 8 votes


  5. Hi. I think mine also got lost in the mix. The first was a sort of slideshow with narration, the second was the Ode to Jorg. Should I resend the links?

    1. by strange chance I fixed this about 60 seconds before your comment showed up :) Very sorry indeed! It's now at the top and people who have already voted can make additional votes for these two, even awarding points they've already used.

  6. #3 8 votes
    #15 4 votes
    #12 7 votes
    #7 5 votes

  7. 10 points for Entry 10!! please

  8. 10 points for entry #10, please. THANK YOU.

  9. 10 for entry 14

  10. #12 is the best! 10 points!

  11. For your consideration please: 8 pts. each to #6, #10, #12 & #13, 10 pts. to #16 (2 entries!), 5 pts. each to #8 & #15. Thank you!

  12. I would like to give 15 10 points, 14 9 points, 2 7 points, 1(SO CUTE!) 8 points, 5 points to 5, 4 points 10, 3 points to 12 and 2points to 6.. these are all SO good! wish I could give them all 10 points!!

  13. #2 - 3 points
    #4 - 5 points
    #16 - 7 points
    #10 - 8 points

    Cause I liked 'em

    - Michael

  14. 10 Points to entry Number 6!!!!!

  15. 1o points to entry 10!

  16. 10 points for entry 10

  17. 10 points for entry 10!! PLZ XD

  18. I would like to award 10 points to entry#6

  19. 10 for 16
    8 for 6
    6 for 10


  21. 10 points for 10!

    She's my cousin 8D

  22. 10 points for entry 10!!!! B)

  23. 10 points for entry 10!

  24. 10 points for #6, please!

  25. 10 points for entry 10! Go Charlotte!

  26. 10 points for entry 10!

  27. Alice Carstairs13 July 2012 at 15:27

    10 points for entry 1o!!

  28. 10 points for entry 10!

  29. ------------And we are done--------

    You're welcome to award the scores you would have given ... but the contest is over.

  30. looks to me like 10 just smashed that one out of the park with all the recent comments... well played!

  31. ..after all this is a game.. you'll only win the game when you understand that it is a game! (just something I read somewhere before.. can't remember where but i'm sure it must have been good ;))