Tuesday 10 January 2017

Charity Book Auction! (completed)


As part of the Booknest 100 signed books charity drive I am hosting an auction that closes at 9pm GMT on Wednesday 11th of January.

The highest bidder will have delivered to their house 20, yes TWENTY, fantasy books signed by the authors involved.

This little lot includes works by bestsellers like **ME**, Anthony Ryan, Christian G Cameron and Michael Sullivan, and by authors who I know should be bestsellers if they aren't already, like Daniel Polansky and Myke Cole, as well as fine writers like Luke Scull, Mazarkis Williams and Phil Tucker.

Image result for path of flamesImage result for emperors knife

We also have SPFBO finalists Dyrk Ashton, David Benem, & Daniel Potter, Voyager 2017 debutante Anna Spark-Smith, and highly regarded authors Jen Williams and Emma Newman!

And many more that are largely unknown to me but very likely that's due to my ignorance!

01) Mark Lawrence ~ The Wheel of Osheim (US edition) 02) Daniel Potter ~ Off Leash 03) Michael J. Sullivan ~ Age of Myth 04) David Benem ~ What Remains of Heroes 05) Anthony Ryan ~ The Waking Fire 06) Aderyn Wood ~ The Raven 07) Daniel Polansky ~ TBA 08) Phil Tucker ~ The Path of Flames 09) Emma Newman ~ Between Two Thorns 10) Amanda Bouchet ~ A Promise of Fire 11) Jen Williams ~ TBA 12) Ulff Lehmann ~ Shattered Dreams 13) Luke Scull ~ TBA 14) Sue Tingey ~ Marked 15) Anna Smith-Spark ~ The Court of Broken Knives 16) Timandra Whitecastle ~ Touch of Iron 17) Christian G. Cameron ~ TBA 18) Dyrk Ashton ~ Paternus 19) Myke Cole ~ TBA 20) Mazarkis Williams ~ The Emperor's Knife

So, TWENTY fine, signed, fantasy books. I'll even put a dedication and a doodle in mine or send you an alternative if I have it!

Image result for waking fire

What am I bid? Winner takes all, losers lose nothing!

All the money goes to the fine international charity Doctors Without Borders.

You can bid in the comments but you must also email me at empire_of_thorns@yahoo.co.uk

I will post the current winning bid here.

Current Winning Bid

£430 ($516) Heine F
£417 ($500) Rich Craft  *lead bid*
£417 ($500) Anonymous (has emailed)
£333 ($400) Rich Craft
£185 ($222) Jeff Wooliscroft
£180 ($216) Anonymous (has emailed)
£175 ($210) Jeff Wooliscroft
£150 ($180) Ben
£115 ($138) Curtis Vidulich
£87 ($104) Alex de Jong
£60 ($72) Shinda
£50 ($60) Anonymous (has emailed)
£40 ($48) Parmenion Books

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