Thursday 19 January 2017

List of Lists ... Six

(I did this last year, the year before, the year before, the year before and the year before ... I'm doing it again!)

2016 has been kind to The Wheel of Osheim!

Below are the 28 'Best of 2016' lists & 2 Best of 2017 list that I know of featuring The Wheel of Osheim (presented in chronological order of publication). The two main reasons for assembling this list of lists are:

i) A thank you to the reviewers in question. It's a labour of love maintaining a book blog.

ii) You're probably here because you liked The Wheel of Osheim. These reviewers (or in one case, these 200,000+ voters) appear to share your taste in one book, perhaps you will enjoy the other books on their lists.

James Reads
Rob J Hayes
Quill to Live
Elitist Book Reviews
Queen of Blades
Leona's Blog of Shadows
Sublime Perspectives
Fantasy Book Critic
Reddit Stabby Awards
Best Fantasy Books
Grimdark Magazine
Kristen Reads Too Much
Laura M Hughes
ATG reviews
The Royal Library
Konjam Random
Lynn's Book Blog
Grimdark Readers and Writers chose it as their best book of 2016
Derek Alan Siddoway
Book Scrolling
The Reading Frenzy
Pat's Fantasy Hotlist
From the Dust Returned
Mighty Thor JRS
Bookworm Blues
Goodreads Choice Awards

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