Monday 30 December 2013

List of Lists ... Three!

List of Lists .... Three!

(I did this last year and the year before ... I'm doing it again!)

2013 has been kind to Emperor of Thorns!

Below are the 45 'Best of 2013' lists & 6 'Best of 2014' lists that I know of featuring Emperor of Thorns (presented in chronological order of publication). The two main reasons for assembling this list of lists are:

i) A thank you to the reviewers in question. It's a labour of love maintaining a book blog.

ii) You're probably here because you liked Emperor of Thorns. These reviewers (or in one case, these 120,000+ voters) appear to share your taste in one book, perhaps you will enjoy the other books on their lists.

Bookwraiths Best of 2015
Leona Henry's Best of 2015

Eagle's Books of 2014
The Upstream Writer (whole trilogy)
This Is My World
Myth and Mystery (Rick Riordan)

Fantastical Imaginations - Authors' Choice
Books in the Moonlight
Fantasy-Faction - Best Book
Sky Sea Stone
J Michael Melican
Fantasy Literature
Fantasy Review Barn - A Barney Award
Reddit r/fantasy - The Stabby for Best Book
T.L Gray


  1. Awesome idea, Mark - thanks for this!

  2. Not a list, but I wrote a short 2013 recap including EoT :)

    1. There are 2 books... that's a list. You're on :D

  3. I believe this is the first list we are on - also with our first list! Thank you, Mark! :)

    Sarah, Leanne, Leigh & Agnes