Tuesday 24 December 2013

Spoof cover winners

So, after voting on my facebook page these are the top 6 reader-made spoof covers

Some great ideas there - many thanks for taking part. I'll wing a Broken Empire mug Jeana's way (not an Empire mug that's broken).

See full entries HERE.

#1  Jeana  (27 points)

The ruthless CEO Olidan is impressed by Jorg Ancrath’s scheming abilities and forces him to infiltrate their rival company, Gelleth. But Jorg is not going to bend to anyone, especially not to the CEO whose office he desires. Can Jorg make the dangerous climb to the top?

#2  Mia   (24 points)

#3  T.O Munro  (24 points)

Dysfunctional families and murderous mayhem, a rip rollicking read for all the family, tuck your children up with this family friendly reading.  Let your dad and/or your uncle read you to sleep!

#4  Jeana  (21 points)


#5  Dean (16 points)

"In order to shed the trappings of a pawn and arise a player within the game of the Broken Empire, Jorg Ancrath must capture and kill Sageous, a dream-witch of immense power who has manipulated Jorg since childhood. However, in order to best him at his own game, Jorg must seek the advice of another.

That man is Corrion, a powerful dream-witch confined both physically and mentally to the dungeons of the Haunt. His intimate understanding of Sageous and the demons of Jorg's past  will propel the young prince along a precarious road of vengeance and, perhaps, redemption.

#6  Dusty (10 points)


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