Sunday 11 November 2018

SPFBO 2018 - the finals!

300 contestants have been narrowed to 10 finalists.

The Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off finalists are listed and scored on this page

The process of selection is complete and is documented here.

Here's the scoreboard. The reviews, the books, and the blogs are all linked on this table. (click scores to get reviews)

* = Blogger chose this finalist
*= Blogger's top book.
+ = 2nd review (only for The Alliterates + Thoughts Stained With Ink, due to history the partnership)

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Finalists from the past three years 
(red = 2015, black = 2016, yellow = 2017, green = 2018):

The Grey Bastards 8.65
Orconomics 8.65
Where Loyalties Lie 8.10
Gods of Men 8.05
We Ride The Storm 8.05
The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble's Braids 8.00
Sworn to the Night 8.00
Blood Rush 7.75
Sufficiently Advanced Magic 7.60
The Crimson Queen 7.60
Symphony of the Wind 7.40 
Paternus 7.30
Fionn 7.20
What Remains of Heroes 7.00
Aching God 6.90
Larcout 6.70
Jake Bloodfist 6.55
The Way Into Chaos 6.45
Assassin's Charge 6.35
Ruthless Magic 6.35
Priest 6.30
Outpost 5.95
Out of Nowhere 5.50
Tiger Lily 5.45
The Anointed 5.10
The Shadow Soul 5.10
Sowing 4.55
Pilgrimage to Skara 4.35

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  1. Amazon identifies Keith Ward's The Anointed as Book 3 in the Red Proxy series. Is that correct? Or is it a stand-alone?

  2. As in previous years, I am impatient to see the final result, so I recalculated the order using the same data for today (Mar 22). Instead of ordering based on a pure average, which assumes critics who have not yet assigned a rating will have the same views as other critics, I have taken the average of the difference from the mean for a critic. This assumes all critics have a different scale, but for unrated titles will place them in the same order as other critics. The order differs from the matrix above and I hope it produces a better prediction of the final order. As more rating cells are filled, order of titles generated by the plain average matrix, and order generated by the average of difference from means should converge.
    Ave of difference from mean for critic Pos
    Orconomics (8.20/5) 5.67 1
    Gods of Men (8.10/5) 5.17 2
    Sworn to the Night (8.10/5) 3.71 3
    Symphony of the Wind (8.20/5) 3.68 4
    We Ride The Storm (7.75/6) 2.84 5
    Aching God (7.50/5) 2.66 6
    Ruthless Magic (6.35/4) -0.03 7
    The Anointed (5.20/5) -7.53 8
    Out of Nowhere (5.70/7) -7.57 9
    Sowing (5.15/4) -8.61 10