Wednesday 25 January 2012

King of Thorns - fragments, part (i)

Brother Kent
In the red ruin of battle Brother Kent oft looks to have stepped from hell. Though in another life he would have tilled his fields and died abed, mourned by grandchildren. In combat Red Kent possesses a clarity that terrifies and lays waste. In all else he is a man confused by his own contradictions – a killer’s instincts married to a farmer’s soul. Not tall, not broad, but packed solid and quick, wide cheekbones, dark eyes flat with murder, bitten lips, scarred hands, thick-fingered, loyalty and the need to be loyal written through him.

part (i) in a series of bits & pieces from King of Thorns including 'Brother snippets' and some deleted inserts. To be released with increasing tempo as we head toward August. )


  1. If we have a boy at the end of July, I wonder if I can talk the husband into naming him "Jorg." I mean, he's going to be a teenage psychopath anyway, we may as well. And perhaps it will earn us a lifetime of free Mark Lawrence books or something.

    1. WTF! :) You read the book, you know what happened to his mother and the relationship to his father is also not what you want to experience in any way other than reading about it! :)