Thursday 17 May 2012

Guest blogs, reviews, and ... nothing else

OK the title is a lie, there's only one guest blog and one review!

I guest blogged (my first ever) over on Bookworm Blues where there's an excellent series of guest blogs on Special Needs in Strange Worlds. It's much more diverse and interesting than you might think.

Broken Heroes

And there's the first review of King of Thorns up at Fantasy Faction. I know that Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) have started landing on doormats across the States, so expect more reviews in the near future! They may not all agree  :)

First King of Thorns review

And that's it!


  1. IT's soooo unfair! We get to know that Jorg is going to marry someone. SOMEONE! I want to know who!*crying out loud* ... I want to read! I want to ... I want to see Jorg again!

    PS: Very Depressed about King-of-thorns publish date in german ... Next year? Seriously? I'm so going to die!

    1. You think that's bad???? I'm STILL waiting for PRINCE OF THORNS to be sold in my country !!! :( having it on kindle is not the same as actually having the book