Tuesday 9 October 2012


So, one of the most common questions asked in blog-terviews is do I listen to music whilst writing? And the answer is 'Generally, no.' I find it distracting, or I blank it out completely, so what's the point.

I do however get lots of ideas when listening to music, which I then file away for later. Mostly they're ideas about feelings, vibes that I want to capture. That feeling I just got listening to this track, those chills right there - I want to put them on the page somehow.

The odd thing is that whilst I have all the musicality of the average house brick and am really tone deaf, not just the self-depreciating kind, I love music and can be deeply and easily moved by it. I guess that's like a reader who can't write so well but sees/feels/gets all the subtlety and sophistication and passion of a well written book.

Anyhow. I've slapped up the covers of nine albums that made a big impression on me. Like most people my earliest music encounters hit the hardest and have proved the most enduring, just as we are with books . . . and most other things. What hits the wet clay of youth, sticks. And of course that's largely a random process. I didn't listen to every song on offer and make an informed decision. Half these albums were in the record collection of my parents or their friends. The other half were amongst those foisted on me by my friends as we grew. They're just the score that happened to accompany me on my way to being 21. And because I'm older than most of my readers they'll probably leave you going, who?

1./ Carl Orff, Carmina Burana, Philharmonia Orchestra (1979 recording)
2./ Roxy Music, Country Life, 1974
3./ David Bowie, Scary Monsters, 1980
4./ King Crimson, In the court of the Crimson King, 1969
5./ New Order, Movement, 1981
6./ The Sisters of Mercy, First and last and always, 1985
7./ Guns and Roses, Appetite for destruction, 1987
8./ Fleetwood Mac, Rumours, 1977
9./ Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells, 1973 


  1. Can't argue with Bowie or New Order, but First and Last and Always was a HUGE album for me.

  2. Ah, a Sisters fan ... My "go to" album for that band is "Some Girls Wander by Mistake"

    1. has that got Temple of Love on it? That's my favourite Sisters track.

  3. 1./ Carl Orff [Ummm?]
    2./ Roxy Music [Totally remember this]
    3./ David Bowie [Never got into the whole Bowie thingy]
    4./ King Crimson [Was just learning to ride my trike]
    5./ New Order, [Another Ummmm?]
    6./ Sisters of Mercy [Who?]
    7./ Guns and Roses, [Oh yes]
    8./ Fleetwood Mac [Wore the record out - now I'm showing my age...]
    9./ Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells [Never understood why my boyfriend liked this?]

    Oh, and if any of this comment gets posted to this blog then "I AM NOT A ROBOT"... apparently.