Thursday 27 December 2012

Entries for the graphic novel contest

Read about the competition and FABULOUS PRIZES (tm) here.

This is the first entry. It will win the prize unless

a) you think you can do better
b) you have a go
c) you send it in.


1) by Bryn aged 19 and a half.

2) Heather

3) Edit (Lego version)

4) Edit (non-Lego)

5) Elsabe

6) Dimitar

7) Hilary's 4 year old nephew (3 items = Church, Raven & Jorg)

8) Tom (the dimensions compress this one somewhat - even more impressive in full resolution!)

 9) Clara

10) Michael

11) Tom Brown


  1. I have zero artistic talent, but I will be the first one in line when these books become graphic novels and eventually movies. Because both of those are happening.

  2. Not only is my entry primitive (although done by a 4 year old) the one part I contributed was the quote and I got it WRONG. SMH-My entry needs to be thrown out.

    The others are so amazing, I envy talented people :)

  3. Clara's entry, Brother Gemt looks too much like Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) from The Walking Dead... This needs to happen as a movie with him as Brother Gemt - Providing his fans (including me) can get over him having a knife shoved in his neck

  4. 11 is really good, would be great for an animated feature film, and I really like the style of the art in #5, but in terms of looking like a true graphic novel, I would definitely go with Clara's entry, #9.

  5. Clara's entry is the most polished and also the most extensive. I'm getting a bit of a Japanese vibe from it. Tom Brown's is also very extensive and I particularly like the eyes on the different characters. Tom's (#8) is really impressive. The sprawling macabre landscape captures much of the tone of the books. You have a tough decision to make, Mr. Lawrence.

  6. Drawing skills are strongest in Toms. Get the basics right and CAD can embellish....doesn't work vice vearsa. Michael deserves mention too...nice hand drawn quality.

  7. I absolutely love Clara's entry. It looks the most like a true graphic novel in my opinion, and I think she captures the characters' looks and personalities perfectly.

  8. Tom's speaks most to me, amongst the entries.

  9. My favorites in order are probably 11, 5, and 9.

  10. Claras entry is the best. Her artwork is exquisite.