Sunday 10 February 2013

Graphic Novel Contest Winners

First off the obligatory but heartfelt thanks for all the effort you guys put into this, and there were some really outstanding pieces of work there.

I canvassed opinions on twitter and facebook as well as in the comments on the entry page.

I agree with the result though entry #5 by Elsabe got less love than it deserved and was certainly one of my favourites.

The clear winner was Tom Brown, entry #11

To Tom go the spoils. A 'thorned mug' will be winging his way and I'll send his work on to Ace with my note wondering if they've reached any decisions on whether to do a Prince of Thorns graphic novel yet.

Clara's entry #9 came a strong second.

I'll send Clara a signed copy of Prince or King of Thorns (or some other good book I have lying around if she has enough of my work at home)

Also picked out for special commendation were the other Tom (#8) and Elsabe (#5), Edit (#3) and Michael (#10).

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