Thursday 21 March 2013

Holding up books for no reason.

Send me a photo of you holding up a book you like (cover forward) and I'll post it here.
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You are more than welcome to hold up books you've written.

The more books you hold up at once, the higher up the list I'll place you.


1) Books all face forward
2) Only one person holding
3) No photo shop
4) No solid supports (shelves, metal frame etc)

Competition closed - prizes awarded - entries still welcome.
Remember, quality counts as much as quantity. Want to show off your new book? Go for it.

("Little Girl" Jones wins a copy of Stone Goblins that I bought twice by mistake)
(Benjamin wins a fantasy book - for quantity - I'll send him a list of options!)
(Vivianne wins a Thorns mug - for pioneering the leg method and a great photo)

Benjamin (21! Who knew how deep the rabbit hole went?)

Jonathan (19 - some minus for overlap but kudos on the mouth hold!)

Elizabeth (18! The relaxed method - all the Fushigi Yugi volumes + artbook)

Vivianne (16, but so well displayed!)

Laura (again) (17 apparently - I can only recognise Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but given that my sources (Laura) tell me Laura is five foot nothing it's a fine effort! Ideally though we should see most of each book!)

[Rachel Vincent Stray, rogue, pride, prey, shift. - Sara Douglass Sinner - Pratchett interesting times, men at arms, maskerade, lords and ladies, hogfather reaper man. -  Paul Stewart & chris Riddell stormchaser, Raymond Feist Magician - Harry potter order of the pheonix & half blood prince -  amber spyglass philip pullman.]

John (with 14 examples of Beatrix Potter's work!)

Alice (Howl’s Moving Castle, Night Watch, Waylander, Making Money, Elidor, The Last Guardian, Prince of Thorns, The Truth, Witchfire, Forest Mage, Snuff, Stardust, Magician)

Bradley (Shadow's Edge, Way of Shadows, The Jordan Rules, Desert Spear, Stormdancer, Beyond The Shadows, If I Die In A Combat Zone, The Warded Man, Prince of Thorns, King of Thorns, This Book Is Full Of Spiders, John Dies In The End, The Whore Of Akron)

Dom (Legend, The Painted Man, Magician, Empire In Black And Gold, The Lies Of Locke Lamora, The Way Of Kings, The Dwarves, A Memory Of Light, Malice, A Dance With Dragons)

Hilarycopter's tale - starting well on one leg... but then... DISASTER!

Laura (Retribution falls, Kill the Dead (sandman slim 2), Prince & King of Thorns, Amongst Thieves, and Last Argument of Kings)

"Little Girl" Jones and her Flat Stanley collection!

A Poker Player!

Roman (some fine looking titles!)

Nate (The Dream Oracle, King of Thorns, The Red Wolf Conspiracy, Progeny, Deadhouse Gates)

David (Malice, Rise of Empire, The Written, The Blade Itself, Prince of Thorns)

Wayne (Stephen King - 11.22.63, Stephen King - Full Dark No stars, Stephen King - under The Dome, James Herbert - The Secret Of Crickley Hall, Dean Koontz - Forever Odd )

Leigh (Prince of Thorns and ... friends)

Mark (whos complete works Sherlock Holmes holds 60 stories!)

Jenni (Golem in the Gears by Piers Anthony - started her interest in fantasy books)

Michael (all the way from counter-Earth! King of Thorns)

Kyle (Ghosts in the Yew)

Tom (with Hopeless, Maine + a fine mug + a very big spoon)!


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  1. Love the picture with the FY mangas, but I would have thought that a couch would definitely have counted as a "solid support". Would have made more sense for you to have said that everyone had to stand up.