Thursday 26 September 2013

Gemmell Award Interview

So King of Thorns was listed late for the Legend Award & my Gemmell Award Interview is being posted on the site after voting closes...

I thought it deserved an airing before then so my eloquent and comprehensive replies get a chance to sway those last few floating voters.


1) Tell us a little about your nominated title, King of Thorns.

It’s a gamble on readers’ intelligence that seems to have paid off.

2) 'hero' of your book, Jorg, is a much darker character than many protagonists in fantasy titles. What led you to write about this kind of lead character?

Shouldn’t the question be why so many other people keep writing the same thing over and again?

3) You seem to have a phenomenally busy life outside of writing. How do you find the time be a novelist on top of all your other commitments?

Short interview answers.

4) This year's shortlists for the Gemmell Awards show just how strong fantasy fiction is right now. Which fantasy authors do you enjoy reading yourself?

Well I’ve not read any of the people on this year’s shortlist, or last year’s come to think of it, so I can’t say whether it shows how strong the genre is right now or not. In the last few years I’ve enjoyed George Martin, Robin HobbPeter V. BrettMyke ColeCourtney SchaferTeresa R. FrohockDaniel Polansky

5) What would it mean to you to bring home the Legend Award at this year's ceremony?

Honestly? I just want a big axe. My wife would give me hell if I bought one, but if I won it... problem solved!

Also I have been a big Gemmell fan for many years and it would be an honour to win something set up in his memory.

Oh, and to scupper the dastardly Weeks' scheme to gather up the US vote in a big bag of patriotic fervor, I should note that I'm American and have been for considerably longer than Mr Weeks!

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  1. King of Thorns deserves to win hands down. An another note .. just finished Emperor of Thorns last night and it was exquisite! You have a way with words Mark. I have never highlighted so many great turns of phrase and nuggets of prose in an ebook before. I look forward to all of your upcoming works. Just had to say that. :)