Monday 4 November 2013

Emperor nominated for Goodreads Choice Award - Best fantasy 2013

Emperor of Thorns has been nominated for Best Fantasy Book of 2013 on the Goodreads Choice Award!

Let's give Jorg a good send off - you won't get to vote for him again!

Please go vote! It's very helpful to the book to be well placed and if you look at the competition it isn't going to happen without YOU!

Prince of Thorns came 10th in 2011 with 1164 votes (George Martin won)
King of Thorns came 4th in 2012 with 4332 votes (Stephen King won)

Can Emperor medal against opposition like Robert Jordan, Neil Gaiman, Scot Lynch and Peter Brett? Um... doubtful, but it certainly won't happen without your vote!

If you know me at all you'll know I'm going to make info graphics about this! Here are the numbers of ratings the ten most rated nominees have.

Emperor of Thorns is there on about 2,500 and Neil Gaiman's book has 58,000 ... 

So... not looking so hot for a top 3 spot... The competition is red hot this year! But forget quantity... how about quality? Here are the top ten by average ratings.

Looking a touch better. A third place there!

But of course all this needs context. When did these books show up?

And here we see that Lynch's book (beating Emperor on ratings number) only showed up last month, meaning it's a much bigger contender that the earlier charts indicated.

So all in all. Gaiman is nailed on for #1, Jordan is nailed on for #2 and I suspect Brett or Lynch will take the 3rd spot, although there are other contenders, including Emperor of Thorns.

If you liked Emperor of Thorns and want to send Jorg off in style, your vote will be much appreciated!


  1. I've always wondered how GR comes up with the nominations, but I guess popularity is probably easiest.

    Fantasy is one category I think is very well represented - I was quite happy to give my vote to Emperor of Thorns, although Peter Brett was a close second. Some of the others just left me scratching my head, though, and relying on write-in votes for Thriller (White Fire by Preston & Child) and Sci-Fi (Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl by David Barnett).

    1. I think it's a reasonably complex algorithm involving the factors I've highlighted, i.e. number of ratings, average rating, and time since release.

      Myke Cole's excellent Fortress Frontier had a few more ratings that the least rated book in the nominations list, but its average rating was a bit less, and it didn't make it.

  2. Just put one in for Jorg. Good luck, Mark!

  3. I must say I was quite impressed with the fantasy category and If someone was to ask me before I saw the list here, "What books from 2013 would you recommend?" , I would have straight away listed five of the books above , and I must admit I haven't read all of them in the category. But I doubt there's a title on there that doesn't deserve to be, that's not to say there weren't books I thought would have been nominated (e.g. Feist's "Magicians End"). Overall, it seems to be a great list spanning every corner of fantasy ! But that's just me !