Saturday 15 March 2014

Prince of Fools Advance Reader Copy - charity auction!

[Auction over - book won with a very generous bid of $413 (£250)]

We've had Prince of Fools Advance Reader Copy opportunities for the lucky, and for the skilled (ongoing contest!), but what about the rich? Will nobody think of the poor rich people? Or indeed the poor poor people who are just very generous?

To remedy this situation I am (with publisher approval) auctioning this very rare signed ARC for charity. Specifically the Children's Hospice charity that helps with my youngest daughter, Celyn, and many other children not expected to reach adulthood.

Make me an offer! The highest offer wins & you can donate directly to the hospice then send me a copy of the electronic receipt.

Bid in the comments, or email me at to make an anonymous bid.

Celyn at Charlton Farm Hospice handing over checks from previous charity auctions.

Don't be worried about making a small bid - we have to start somewhere and any bid will just encourage someone to up the stakes.

Auction ends Tuesday 12pm GMT

Remember - it's for a great cause and you'll be able to pat yourself on the back all year if you win  :)

The current winning bid is $413.00 

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  1. Wow. Nice bid. Congrats to the winner.