Wednesday 26 November 2014

The YouTube challenge!

Competition now closed - though you can still send me videos!

The 'merit' winners (chosen with help from Facebook etc)

#4 Gabe
#11 Adam
#12 Mayara

The random winners
#13  Tom
#15  Shawn
#10   Tyler
#3   Dan

Send me your address & what you'd like (with 2nd / 3rd choices) and I'll see what I can do. I have no English Prince of Thorns.

I still have mugs...

and T-shirts...

and  oh-so-many books...

to give away.

This isn't even all of my English language spare copies!

Oh course posting these would cost me about a thousand pounds, which is why I dribble them out in competitions over the years. Also, while giving away free Prince of Thorns and Prince of Fools can be like a gateway drug to the Broken Empire and Red Queen's War trilogies ... giving away Emperor of Thorns makes less sense - the people who want it already know if they like the books.

Anyway - I'm lightening the load - I'm giving away 5 signed books, 1 mug & 1 T-shirt.

4 of these prizes will be randomly awarded - so it's worth entering even if you're not a champion film-maker!

To enter all you need to do is make a video of some description - this could be a review of one or all of my books, a plea for a prize, a video of your bookshelves, or you reading from the books ... or ... surprise me.

I would really prefer you send me the link to the video on youtube (don't know how? - it's easy, learn a new skill for your CV). However, if it's a video short enough to attach to an email, you can send it to me.

I'm at Let's see what you've got!


#16 Sean

#15 Shawn - a video tour of his book cases.

#14 Charlie - a plea for gardening help.

#13 Tom

#12 Mayara - a review of Prince of Thorns (in Portuguese)

#11 Adam - Ruminating on magic in the Broken Empire

(Interesting and thoughtful stuff, Adam. Your analysis seems spot on in most places although I'm not familiar with much of the background that you project it against. Antinomianism is a new word to me (I'll be sure to work it into conversation now!). I've read Bertrand Russell's A History of Western Philosophy so I must have read about Nietzsche (& likely seen and forgotten the word antinomianism too) but I could tell you very little about his ideas. I guess most of the 'philosophy' to be found in the trilogy is homespun, borrowing fibres from subconscious memories of previous reading.)

#10 Tyler - Pitching a Lawrence-Weeks collaboration

9 Sean - your entry could be as random as this!

Click HERE (youtube and blogger once again refuse to talk to each other!)

#8 Mark (Lawrence!) - a word from my namesake.

#7 Andre (the 1st entry from Brazil) - we now have as many entries as prizes!

Click HERE (it's youtube, sometimes it does the picture link ... sometimes not)

#6 Emanuel - the simplest option often works.

#5 Ashmitha, the smart money co-opts a child!

#4 Gabe - Broken Empire - this is just a tribute...

Click HERE (Lord knows why some link and some don't...)

#3 Dan - a Broken Empire song

#2 Josh - Broken Empire quotes

#1 Dennis -  an 'unsolicited' testimonial


  1. Crap. Wish I had a video camera. :-(

  2. If it can be anything I'd totally submit a video of my 80s spoof rock band! However I will brainstorm ideas related to your awesome books. :p

  3. I will submit mine tonight!!!!

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  5. I vote for myself of corse. I would like to politely suggest that everyone else vote for me as well.
    *glares at everybody else while twirling his iron - wood rod*

  6. Gabe's... It's like Christmas morning for Jews. Kinda sucks but all your friends think it's great. Totally worth a vote.

  7. Myself obviously.
    Dennis "Ghostman" O'Shea

  8. I vote for myself of course. ^_^

  9. I vote Dennis, haha awesome uuurrgghh!!!

  10. I vote Dennis, haha awesome uurrgghh!

  11. I wish I had seen this on time to enter :p. I'm about to order Prinz der Dunkelheit in hopes that reading a book I love in German well help me get through my German class.
    I like Dennis', so he gets my vote.