Saturday 24 January 2015

One cover, many books!

Someone sent me this image of the Czech editons of two of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series (by Fantom). The US cover art for Prince of Fools and the art for the cover of an edition of Stephen Erickson's Gardens of the Moon are serving in a rather different capacity over there!

This is nothing new of course. Last year a Polish publisher were going to put the King of Thorns artwork on a Brandon Sanderson book!

None of this is unusual of course. On Mazarkis Williams' blog we see one cover being used for four different authors!


  1. I thought covers were copyrighted for each book, no? Is that legal?
    - ScarletBea

    1. Nope, the publisher just buys the right to use the art in the country/s they sell in. Perfectly legal.

    2. I loved The Way of Kings. However, as awesome as that cover is, it just doesn't fit that story. Not in the slightest.