Wednesday 22 April 2015

I review X by Y

I review the books I read.

Here are the books my 30 most-liked reviews are for on Goodreads:

All the way from Green Eggs and Ham (349 likes) to Swords of Good Men (44 likes).

Check them all out HERE.

When you 'like' a review on Goodreads it pushes that review up the default list of reviews for that book and flags it for your friends in your time-stream.

This week Goodreads tells me I'm the UK's 12th best reviewer! Woo hoo!

[Jorg] I'm off now to find the 11 ahead of me and see if I can't arrange for them to ... disappear! [/Jorg]

1 comment:

  1. Very nice! Congratulations on being the UK's 12th best reviewer! I'll check out your reviews and try that like feature. I see a number of books I absolutely love. WATCHMEN is one of my most favorite books ever. I read your review of that one - totally agree with your review and went ahead and liked it.