Monday 8 June 2015

Legends II

Every year the good people at the Gemmell Awards hand out axes to needy authors. Now, axes don't come cheap, so every year there's a drive to raise funds so that should your favourite award-wielding author be subject to a zombie apocalypse he, or she, will stand a fighting chance.

This year I have a Broken Empire tale in the second Legends anthology, profits from which support the Gemmell Awards:

Currently you can pre-order the ebook for a mere £1.99 (limited time only).

However, the true collector and supporter will be wanting the limited edition signed hardcover version!

I'm currently signing the pages to be bound into the books:

Most people are unaware that the Legend Award comes with built-in biro. 

 When I'm done the pages are going to Stella Gemmell, then on to four other great writers including Gemmell Morningstar Award winner and Legend Award short-lister John Gwynne. 

So buy one, put more axes in the hands of irresponsible fantasists, and get yourself a great read.

Remember - voting on the short-lists for the Gemmell Awards is happening right now. Just click


and click the voting tab to place your votes. There's no registration. It'll take you 30 seconds.


  1. (This is probably not where I should post this comment but whatever.)
    I got The Liar's Key yesterday. I live in Austria, so I had to wait 17 agonizing days longer for it.
    I devoured it on one afternoon, plus a bit of the night. TLK is awesome, brilliant, fantastic, and most likely the best book you've written so far, and surely one of the best I've ever read, period. I love it. I love every word, every letter, every drop of ink that forms them on the pages.
    (Publish The Wheel of Osheim already!)

    1. Very glad to hear it, Violet, many thanks!

      & if you want to drop those kind words anywhere else (Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, forums etc) that too would be much appreciated. :)