Wednesday 4 May 2016

All The Wheel of Osheim reviews I know about so far

As is traditional I'm keeping a list of early reviews for my newest book:

In chronological order:

#1  Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviews

"a stunning conclusion to a trilogy which set an already high bar."

#2  T.O Munro Blog

"There are times in our lives when we all need a story that good and The Wheel of Osheim is itself just such a story."

#3  Grimdark Magazine

"The Wheel of Osheim presents everything our followers could want in a fantasy book"

"I have just had the absolute pleasure of reading the final work in Mark Lawrence’s The Red Queen’s War series"

"Mark Lawrence has truly outdone himself. I would actually go so far as to say that this is his best book, hands down"

#6 The Tattooed Geek

"I feel this is his best book to date."

#7 Ally's Desk

"He ends the trilogy with a fittingly spectacular conclusion – one which, in what is becoming a tradition with Mark Lawrence’s books, saw me reading far into the small hours of the morning on a work night. Again."

#8 Laura M Hughes, fantasist.

"Yes: that jammy bastard Mark Lawrence has done it again"

#9 Parmenion Books

"This series is right up there in the pantheon of my fav fantasy reads… and Wheel of Osheim completes it in true style, a must read."

#10 Pat's Fantasy Hotlist

"this third installment was everything fans could have hoped for and then some!"

#11 Lynn's Books

"a bloody brilliant and epic conclusion ... the author’s best book so far"

12 Quill to Live

"Jalan is one of the most memorable and enjoyable protagonists I have read in a while"

13 Fantasy Book Review

"maybe the best book I've read for a few years, and I cannot recommend this trilogy highly enough."

14 Biblosanctum

"The Wheel of Osheim is a masterpiece. You need to read The Red Queen’s War trilogy. The end. Full stop."

15: Mighty Thor JRS

"This book has built upon the extraordinary solid foundation of the first two books and takes this series to a new level of greatness."

16: The Fictional Hangout

"rest assured that Lawrence kills it here again, and delivering an excellent conclusion to a fantastic trilogy"

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