Sunday, 5 March 2017

The Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off, two thirds through!

The scoreboard is here.

This is just a snapshot of how things stand at the 2/3rds mark.

That's 2/3rds of the allotted time. We have 55% of the scores in and the number of scores per book right now varies from 4 to 8 of the final 10.

Here's how the finalists rank in terms of average score.

8.58    The Grey Bastards
7.25    Paternus
7.20    Path of Flames
6.93    Fionn
6.83    Larcout
6.50    Outpost
6.42    Assassin's Charge
6.25    The Moonlight War
5.25    The Music Box Girl
5.12    The Shadow Soul

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