Tuesday 25 July 2017

Sister Paint

Competition Closed!

Microsoft are killing Paint!

In honour of what has been my go-to image software since soon after I first laid hands on a PC in 1984 I am running a Paint contest.

I have three signed copies of Red Sister to give away.

All you have to do is send me a picture of anything to do with any of my books and drawn entirely in MS Paint. That's the software that comes as standard with every PC and can also be used online ... here for example (click "try" no downloads needed).

No imported graphics or images allowed.

Here is my best effort!

Two books will go to the "best" entries, and one will be awarded to a random entry so that everyone has a chance.

Well, many amazing entries! Thanks to all for the effort and skill on display!

Choosing was so difficult that I asked for votes on Facebook and Twitter. All that did was give me a four way heat for the winner and several more close behind them! I've listed the top ten in order and selected two winners with a degree of randomness and much heartache.

Vote winners = #44 #33

Random = #8


#44 Krystal - untitled, but since it was finished at 4:20am we can forgive that!

#33 Mairi 

#35 Adelie - Gorgoth and Jane

#30 Djerri - Chella and friends meet Jorg

#25 Mayticks - Sister Apple

#28 Noah - Jal and Snorri and Tuttugu go to sea

#27 Brad

#21 Keren - Jorg & Nona

#24 Francesca - Sister Apple

#1 Nikolas - The Thorns Family

#11 Jonathan - Let's be friends!


#43 Louis

#42 Vivianne - Jorg + snack

#41 Pavle - Bond. Jorg Bond?

#40 Suman - 

#39 Katherine

#38 Mia - The Sisters of the Rock

#37 Rika - Sister Kettle

#36 Marine

#34 Mark

#32 Sara

#31 Paul - King of Thorns

#29 Shane

#26 Rim

#23 Andreas - Aslaug sows discord!

#22 Livia - Revenge

#20 Petros (non competing entry)

#19 Emma - Jorg

#18 Kurt - Nona's spidy-sense

#17 Ted - Jorg meets Ferrakind

#16 Rachel - The Red Queen's War

#15 Sara - "The dead one tried to show me hell, but it was a pale imitation of the horror I can paint on the darkness in a quiet moment.”

#14 Leah - Almost a Bayeux tapestry!

#13 Mikaela - Nona vs Blade Path

#12 Victor - allegedly there is a spoiler in this one...

#10 Earl - Rike

#9 Uzair - Maical feeding head-cart?

#8 Carl - Abeth

#7 Hiu - Jorg in the thorns

#6 Harper 

#5 Jenna - Red Kent

#4 GRM

#3 Bryan

#2 Nick - Some key Broken Empire moments


  1. Paint is here to stay:


    Mark you'll just need to cancel the contest (gives me a 3 in 8 chance of winning, good odds I'd say!)

  2. Huge huge fan but one niggling question for you and it's not about this contest sorry :(

    In empower of thorns the pope tells Jorg that she is on her way to sweet mercy, a convent with a checkered past. Red sister has nona being brought to sweet mercy convent. But they are different worlds so is this just a coincidence or?? lol drove me nuts trying to figure out how magic came back after Jorge stopped the wheel when I started red sister!

  3. Wow! So many brilliant entries! I love #30 from Djerri, it has so much atmosphere! ��

  4. Wow, some serious talent here!

  5. #35 Adelie - Gorgoth and Jane
    Is there anyway I can get in contact with the person who made this piece? Please!