Saturday 12 August 2017

Badge, pin ... whatever, it's a contest!

Contest Closed

Very many thanks for all the great entries!

So, Queen Robin of Hobb was in San Diego recently at the Comic-Con when she spied Ace giving away badges with my book on!

Using all her powers of persuasion she badgered (*) them out of four sets and very kindly sent them all the way to merry old England.

(*) her word ... would Robin Hobb sink to punning? You decide.

Anyway. Each of these sets is actually a promotion and lets you email to claim one free book from:

Mark Lawrence - Prince of Thorns
Karen Chance - Touch the Dark
Simon R Green - The Man With The Golden Torc (I've read this! It's funny!)
Chloe Neill - Some Girls Bite


So, rather than hoard them I am going to give them away. Since they are badges, let's have a badge contest. To enter simply make your own badge celebrating any book and send me a photo of you wearing it (with a close up too if it isn't sandwich board sized.

"Badge" is a fairly loose term. For our purposes it can be anything that you support with your body (but no hands).

I will give 2 of the sets away to the 2 best entries and 2 more away to 2 randomly selected entries.

Here's mine. It took me ages! AGES!

Yes, I am very serious about all this.


The random winners are #5 & #7.
The "best" I'm choosing on the grounds of badginess, darig to show your face, creativity, and getting your crayon out. Tough call but it goes to,
#9 #4
Shout out to #10 for great artwork ... fails a bit as a badge though. I'll be hoping to put a copy on my "wall of Jorgs" though!


#10 Brandon

#9 Andrew

#8 Rinke

#7 Angi

#6 John

#5 Helen (shy)

#4 Nikolas

#3 Paul: symbol of The Orcslayer from The Eighth God by Paul Lavender

#2 Angela and friend.

#1 Kirsten

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