Saturday 30 September 2017

Best book of the (new) trilogy?

I ran a poll in which you can still vote.

With 171 votes in the split is remarkably even!

It's not that readers don't have strong opinions. I see individuals saying book X was great but book Y was terrible. Or claiming that the trilogy starts off strong/weak and then heads rapidly down/up hill. But clearly all these preferences are scattered around the compass to such a degree that they balance themselves out.

Prince of Fools - 33%
The Liar's Key - 33%
The Wheel of Osheim - 34%

A result that's in stark contrast to the polls for The Broken Empire trilogy where a distinct favourite emerged.

In the case of the Broken Empire it seems that as the books fade into memory preferences harden. So maybe a clear favourite will emerge from the Red Queen's War books with time.

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