Monday 20 May 2019


There will be a 5th Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off!

The 5th SPFBO is closed to entries!

Entries are listed on the phase 1 page.

- Entries can be emailed to me from 12 noon GMT on June 15th.

- Do not send anything before that date. It will not count.

- Entry emails must be titled "Book Contest" and include the manuscript attached as a .mobi file - you may additionally include other formats and links if you wish.

- One book is allowed per author.

- No book that has previously been in the SPFBO can be re-entered.

- The book must be book 1 of a series or a stand-alone novel.

- No anthologies.

- Fantasy books only. You can decide what fantasy is but if it isn't … it won't do well.

- Books must be 40,000 words or longer.

- It doesn't matter how long the book has been published for.

- The manuscript you submit will be the one entered - it can't be updated or corrected for the judges.

- The book must be self-published and available for purchase (or for free) by the start of the contest and for at least the duration of the contest.

- Email your entries (at the correct time) to

- The contest will be open to entries until 300 books have been entered.

- The contest will not proceed if fewer than 250 books are entered.

More information about the contest can be found on the Official SPFBO page.

Here are the ten blogs involved:


Fantasy Book Critic
Lynn's Books
The Qwillery
Kitty G
Thoughts Stained With Ink
The Fantasy Hive
Rockstarlit Book Asylum

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  1. Congratulations to all of the blogs selected and their team members!

  2. There one of these for Science-Fiction? I write science-fantasy. Both have fantasy elements (fantasy video game.) (Pretending to be a wizard using super-technology), but I suspect they wouldn't be fantasy enough for this.

  3. That's definitely GMT yes? Just confirming as lots of people forget the UK is on BST :p

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  5. Can a book once published by a small press but now selfpubbed be entered?

  6. Thanks for this amazing contest!

  7. I am excited to follow this from beginning to end for the first time. Super stoked! Hopefully I get the chance to read along some of these. Cheers & Happy Reading :)

  8. How do you enter a book? I have a self-published fantasy novel, Diondray's Roundabout that I want to submit.

  9. This competition is really a great initiative and an ideal opportunity for all authors to show off their novels.