Wednesday 24 July 2019

Social media & "celebrity"

According to the UK Advertising Standards Agency if you have over 30,000 followers on social media you can be treated as a celebrity for the purposes of the laws concerning endorsements!

Some might object to this, saying that you can just buy Twitter followers. But hey, you can just buy celebrity too.

Surprisingly (and thanks to their algorithms periodically funnelling followers my way) Goodreads is the platform on which I have most followers:

Across the various platforms I'm active on I have over 80,000 followers (there may be some overlap). So woo! I could be subject to restrictions should I shill you hair products and receive money for doing so.

Of course the important thing from the point of view of an "influencer" (and rest assured, all I want to do is influence you to buy my books) is visibility rather than raw follower numbers.

I have 43,000 followers on Goodreads and zero way of contacting them - it simply means that some tiny fraction of that following will see when I review books or like reviews etc on the site.

The important number is the product of the total follower number and the fraction of followers that see any given activity. With Goodreads if I make a blog post literally 40 people see it despite those 40,000 followers.

On Facebook the % is better but the following smaller - even so, I reach far more people on Facebook and the interactions are more meaningful.

I think in terms of actually getting a message out there - like "I have a new book release" - then for me it goes Twitter > Instagram > Facebook > Goodreads.

And of course my newsletter has potential to be effective but probably most of them languish in spam filters even though the recipients signed up for them...

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  1. ugh, the effort you need to promote yourself when all you really want to do is write. Still, both are part and parcel now. Congrats on all your followers. I cross-over with both Twitter and Facebook (and blogger).